Stolen content?

What would one do if they clearly see stolen content uploaded? After all, the site apparently lacks moderation.

The uploader claims to own all rights to this submission besides the hand rigs. The animations were created by Linkmister, the team animator of Obsidian Conflict. This was a WIP result of animating Uzi’s for the mod, having used Duffman’s model as a temporary substitute.

Funny thing is, if you look inside the model’s texture, it clearly says “Model by Duffman.”

Here is the very original model:

Here are the original animations:

Would appreciate it if this submission was removed.

Here’s a quote from garry himself on this subject:

Sorry, the site isn’t moderated.


Or you could sue him for theft of intellectual property

Asshole above /\Win gif is win i admit tho

File is gone…

I was just about to say.

Looks like it worked. Thanks to whoever mod did it.