Stolen from Assassin's Creed

With the abundance of cloth, could we with a little rope make “Parachutes” just something to slow the decent and turn left or right to guide it.

Or even crazier Hang gliders. Would make traversing long distances very interesting.

Also please note when flying, you are a “sitting duck” so to speak. So you could only choose to “ditch” if you come under heavy fire. (hope your close to the ground)

Maybe wingsuits?

I don’t see how the idea of Parachutes or Hang Gliders are stolen from Assassin’s creed.
But anyway, Parachutes seem like a good idea.

This is more memorable in far cry.

I haven’t touched rust in a long time, but is there really a need to glide from whatever hills they have in it?

Seems like a waste of time.

What’s the point? The map is relatively flat. Impossible to jump from a mountain (Trust me, i tried)

Jesus Christ lol, Assassins Creed didn’t invent either of those.

considering how flat the map is this is pretty pointless, and excessive, no one would make a god damn chute, and a rope and hook would be better[/t][t]

One time use going down, perfect in an emergency. Can be used as a ladder. Can be used to not die by a cliff. But can’t hold 2 people and is somewhat slow to use.

I’d do it for the damn thrill

I’ve been to the top of many of the mountains and across huge valleys. The map is so much bigger than most people think, and I would like a way to traverse it and not be confined to the damn road.

hundreds of others have already complained about the resource locations.

A parachute would actually be quite welcome, I feel. One time use that auto-activates if you lose your footing and fall past a height that would cause death.

also make for spectacular escapes :slight_smile:

Haha, if they added wind, you could go up high, jump, deploy, and sail across the map!

Confined to the road?? Lol.

it would be nice, but I think I would miss the whole get attacked by 3 spawning zombies as Im going through a rad zone…

Handgliders sound like a nice idea. Would be an interesting concept. However, are they not adding in vehicles at some point? or am i Thinking of something else?

Add non-radiated areas inside of rad towns that are only accessible by those transportation means…

with radsuits available, this wouldn’t really work… But non-radiated ideas would be nice :slight_smile:

Oh god, that sounds so amazingly cool. Imagine gliding across the skies of Rust, watching the sun slowly set… I… I want this.

Anyone who has taken the time to climb a mountain will appreciate this suggestion.

Bring on the hang gliders! Or at least zip-lines!