Stolen Gamemode

Somebody stole my gamemode I’ve been working on (I have no idea how). They’re using it on their server against my will.

Is there any ways I can stop them from using it? I’ve asked them many times but they refuse.

Not really. You could send a DMCA but it’s pretty hard to prove anything regarding code. What I’d be more interested in is how they stole it in the first place.

You shouldn’t have brought this to Facepunch.
The version of “your” gamemode that their using is one where you’ve done nothing but add in a few jobs and a different HUD. It’s still DarkRP, it ISN’T ‘yours’.

They ‘stole’ it because Calver used to be a developer for them, and they kicked him out. So he responded by trolling them with rcon commands and etc and tried deleting all of their files. This didn’t work. Now he is pissed off. That is literally it.

Code can’t be copyrighted, but software can. If you edited DarkRP, then you have no claim to the work. If it was done under their entity (company, community, whatever), then you have even less of a case.

Stop spewing false information when in fact have no idea of the situation at hand. The edited DarkRP stuff is really no concern of me; however other things I made externally do.

If there is nothing that I can do then so be it. I think this can be locked now, mods.

But this isn’t true at all. I have been here since the start of this childish issue.
The only stuff that you’ve edited is DarkRP. You’ve even shown me all that you’ve done and I can confirm that this is true. Now stop pretending that you have any point in this when you don’t, and accept that you’ve pissed off almost everyone from SNF and that they don’t want you anymore.

The longer that you carry on with this, the more of a 12 year old you make both of us look. Just stop.

So day and night scripts are part of DarkRP? Well thats news for me!

Actually, you can copyright code by mailing a printed copy of it to yourself to have official proof of the date via post-stamp - don’t open it though.

No but it’s still only code and not a whole gamemode as you claim is stolen.
It is a very common feature on DarkRP servers. You didn’t come up with the idea. Not to mention that you only knew how to code it by asking for help and looking up tutorials on that exact subject.

No, you can’t. Words and their formations cannot be copyrighted, otherwise “I love you” would’ve been owned by Hallmark years ago. It’s the same for code. I can’t make people pay royalties every time their software compiles, after all.

Code isn’t copyrighted, but systems can be. A day/night sequence in DarkRP is nowhere near new or original, and cannot be claimed.

[quote=“Deprehensio, post:10, topic:117622”]

No, you can’t. Words and their formations cannot be copyrighted./QUOTE]

Actually, that’s stupid. They can and are copyrighted every single day.

I believe the Berne convention was designed to protect literary work and has been used to defend published code before, you can also enforce a copyright in court but it’s extremely tricky. You need to prove it does something. I think it’s more of copyrighting the feature, but it’s still a very very grey area.


Before you reply all ‘flame on’. I don’t mean to suggest that this guy has managed to / could even copyright his code at all. I’m just saying you can copyright code.

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Exactly. Features can be copyrighted, and the methods behind them can be trademarked, but the code that went into them can’t. Otherwise there’d be a much smaller market for reverse engineering.

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Code can be, not easily/straight forward but it still can be.

Learn quote tags scrubito.

Copyrighting code is a dumb as shit idea and that is why it is not allowed. Someone would copyright some simple code that does a website search or anything else and then sue anyone who tried using it. It would be like suing someone for saying hello in the same way as you and finds books in the library the same way.

You’re confusing patents with copyright. Besides, people already get sued for implementing concepts.

Ugh, same old arguments. That’s like saying you could copyright “and he walked into the moonlight room” and then sueing every book using that line. You can copyright a code in itself, it’s not easy and wouldn’t really be done for things like a DarkRP edit but still that’s not the point.

You can copyright your code plain and simple, your custom server side code is not to be seen by clients and easy to copyright. also custom client side as well.

You have no hope. Adding extra stuff to a existing gamemode isnt exactly worth protesting about being stolen. Just makes whoever stole it a douche, and whoevers bitching about it a baby.

This has gone wildly off-topic, the main point is that this guy is claiming that he owns a modified DarkRP gamemode.

This here is the most sensible conclusion. Let’s just leave it at this?

Day/Night is common in DarkRP? Since when? I’ve never seen it, and I’ve trolled on every server I felt like trolling on.