Stolen Model/Skins

It Has Come To My Notice That These Two Models

Have Been Stolen And Re-uploaded
They Came From This Pack

The Up-loader Of The Two Models Stole Them From The Pack, He Did Give A ‘Special Thx to GIGAN (RUS) For Helping’
When He Made It (Skin And Model) But The New Up-loader Is Taking Credit (Hi I Decided To Make A Camo/Ranger Skin For Combine Because I Dont Like The Default Skin On The Combine. So Here IS A Camo Skin Enjoy ! )
If You Don’t Be leave Me Then Take A Look

The ‘New’ Skin

GIGN (RUS)'s Original Skin

See? He Just Stole The Skin, I Don’t Have A Facebook Account So I Was Hopeing One Of You Could Go And Deal Some Justice To This Man.
Oh And No Trolls Please.

Please Stop Talking Like This Seriously

Oh Dear God Stop This, I Type Like This, Get Over It, I’m A 21 Year Old Man, And i’m Tired Of People Who Could Be Five Year Olds Telling ME What To Do And How I Should Type
Its Like Saying Your Not Allowed To Speak English Or Something, I’m Not Going TO Listen To ANYONE, I Am My Own Man And If You Don’t Like It Too Bad
You Nor Anyone Else Can Tell Me How I Should Live Or Type.
End Of Discussion.

the way you type is fucking annoying


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also noone cares about this lmao

No Again, I Don’t Have To Listen To You.

then don’t

still noone cares!!!

Ok Then Good For You
Back To The Topic Then Please.

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The Main Point Of This Thread Is NOT The Way I Type, Its The Fact That Someone Stole This Skin/Model And Uploaded It As His Own And That Just Pisses Me Off
Taggart Its Like If Someone Toke Your Blacklight Model/Skin And Uploaded It As There Own
How Would You Feel?

Wait, if you didn’t make it, then let the guy who made it deal with it.

Stop Typing Like This It Makes You Look Like A Fucking Retard Who Doesn’t Know How Written Text Works.

Also who gives a shit, 50% of the stuff on is reuploads made by people other than the person who uploaded it.

I Don’t Even Know How Long It Will Be Before Someone Sees This
And This Man/Woman Needs To Stop Uploading Stuff He Didn’t Make.
GIGN Might Not Even See That.

How To Grammar? ? ?

I wouldn’t really care because I know I made it and pretty much anyone else would know so they’d all be like “yeah this guy didn’t make it” and shit

oh p.s.

You Are “21 Years Old” But You Act Like An Angsty Teenager When Someone Tells You To Stop Typing Like This Because It Is Fucking Annoying And Grammatically Incorrect I Mean Jesus Fuck I Have To Hit Shift Every Single Word That Is Incredibly Annoying To Type Let Alone Read


we don’t care about some dudes shit re-skin and then having it being re-uploaded and claimed as someone else’s work.

and you aren’t “21” if you’re being annoyed by us criticizing you on how you type lmao, you’re just autistic

mighT aS welL typE likE thiS whilE yourE aT iT, iT makeS aS mucH sensE

Ah Ok Because
Typen liek dis is sooooo mch betterer
No Like I Said I’ll Type The Way I Feel

Also I Care, Mostly Because This Was Probley A Big Project For This Guy, And Then This Little Jerk Comes Up And Clams Its His.
Sorry But I Need Justice.

ok the skin is somewhat cool but still

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you’re like my autistic friend galvazim that noone likes lol

It is actually so much better if you’d actually spell properly.
And if you want justice you might as well do it with the other ten thousands of files.

So Your Saying I Should Take Some Strangers Orders And Bow My Head To Him
No Way. I Have Freedom To Do What I Want, And I Can And WILL

So you’re going to make all your sentences look retarded and grammatically incorrect because you feel like it.
wow ur such a rebel