Stolen Server


My server was stolen a few hours ago i have tried to reset it but all the details have been changed including my email address along with user name and password i have been in contact with but they wont do anything untill monday at the earlyest.

Is there any way i can find out who done this pls guys?


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No need to worry as i have terminated my dealings with im moving to “Nitrous Networks” today :slight_smile:

What, are there internet private detectives who can sniff down the traces of suspicious packets in the fiber lines connecting your data center to the outside world or something?

If your account was compromised entirely, then there’s nothing to do but wait for Gameservers to respond. Or, they did this for some reason themselves, and they’re the people to get in contact with. Sucks, but I don’t know what you expect us to do.

Also, reset the shit out of your email account password and anything else important that uses your email address as a login, even if you didn’t reuse passwords. If you used your server accounts passwords anywhere else, change those other passwords immediately. If you aren’t using a password manager, I recommend LastPass because it’s free and there’s a browser extension for everything (mobile access requires a premium subscription but it’s $12/year).

  • I use LastPass, but this isn’t an ad for them, just a suggestion. Use whatever you want.

i presume this is related to your other thread. long story short, the only people likely to be able to figure out who it was are themselves. i suppose technically it is likely to have been one of the people who viewed your post before you edited out the details, but i doubt facepunch can actually tell you those details, and you can’t really prove it based on circumstantial evidence like that.

just wait until monday, and learn not to post anything identifying/secure like that.

Oh, right, you’re the guy who posted his rcon password. :v:

Yeah, that might’ve had something to do with it. That wasn’t the smartest idea.

Elixwhitetail not his rcon but his login and password.

A silly mistake. TBH as soon as i saw that post i tried the login/password it had been changed(i thought he might have changed it after realizing) , i was gonna change it and send him the new password in a P.M, so some Gimp did not lock him out of his account. I found a good server hosting company to use, a lot more editable than the others i tried. Once the server files are stable i will be using again.

Strange that is the exact same IP:Port as my server…

I have had this server since Oct 5th 2014.

I also rented the server via GS.

Now either you’re telling porkies or GS has messed up the server settings when configuring one of our servers.

I would seriously never ever try and log into someone’s compromised account like that, even if it’s to be a good samaritan and change it, because you’ll be implicated as a “hacker” by the investigation looking at the logs. Plus, if it does work, you’re now violating the user’s privacy and breaking almost any TOS under the sun by accessing their account without permission.

I didn’t see the pre-edited post, and I only saw people talking rcon; I figured rcon was used to gain an exploit into the machine, but if he posted his entire login credentials then yeah, that’s exactly what happened.

Great job.

Dam russians probably. I was playing on a server , log out , come back and the server is all russians. Not even the same people on .

We have a hosting on, no problems here…