"Stolen" uploads?

It’s the only one I’m aware of at the moment ( and it affects me ), but what is the policy on people uploading scripts they did not create?


A person uploaded one of my released scripts - what can I do about this aside from leave an angry comment?

They get banned from the toybox website.

Add him on steam and ask him nicely to remove it.

Also from what garry told me, nobody is banned atm from cloudscripts, he’s going to add that.

Tell me and I will remove it. Do you want it removed?

Maybe I could just assign ownership over to you?

I don’t see it, what was it?

Kitsune… :rolleye:

Nevermind, need to check things before I come back

He removed it.

Thanks garry.

How about detecting multiple uploads of the same script (most won’t change credits anyway…) and alerting the owner/garry about it?

They’d change one character and reupload :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it would ofc go through some sort of filter…

If it’s Mr. Grundley you’re talking about, srry. D:

Can’t get unbanned. Garry, can you fix the banning system?

The uploads should be going to a filter that does this:

  1. Pick 12 RANDOM lines of code.
  2. Search the ToyBox for these lines of code with a maximum of 5 lines toleration.
  3. Message the owner of the ORIGINAL (Not the newly uploader) via steam to check if the newest upload is a copy.
  4. IF it is the same script, the player will be banned for 3 days and the script will be put in the “Workbox” or whatever its called.