Stone can't be at the bottom of rocks for mining

I think stone nodes should be eliminated and all the sulfur has to be at the bottom of each rock. Currently people leave stumps of rocks and stone rocks are usually untouched or just hit a few times for the sulfur then left alone. If stone nodes were eliminated and the extra stone is incorporated into the other nodes I think it would make for a cleaner system that leaves nothing behind. Especially if the sulfur is always at the bottom.

An alternative would be for nodes to refill over time, but I like the other way better.

I was just thinking about the same thing earlier.
in my opinion, I believe the answer is to make a slight return to the old way.
If its a sulfur node, only sulfur comes out. If it’s a Metal node,and so on.

i’m not sure where they are up to with it, but they were considering a resource method where the stone etc was collected as a top layer on all the rocky surfaces, not just as separate types of ore nodes.

but i agree, to me it makes more sense to have limited sulphar/metal and have to dig through the stone to find it.

I’m putting my support for this as well. I don’t know how often I come across a field of ore nodes only to find nothing but the stone remnants left behind. I wonder how this affects resource respawning. I’ll see fresh nodes respawning in areas where nodes were fully cleared, but these partially harvested nodes seem to persist for long periods of time without anything new resources spawning to replace them. Not sure if I’m just not giving stuff enough time to respawn or that it affects respawning.

At any rate, I don’t think there needs to be a change in node types or removing any in particular. The current ore node types are fine in their differnt compositions. The valuable materials should be found in the last swings at the rock, not the first. That would eliminate this problem altogether.

Mining is a huge part of a lot of survival games, probably most notably in 7 days to die, space engineers and minecraft (ofc minecraft). I really enjoy the mining aspects in these games and would really like to see this type of system implemented in Rust. Mining from nodes doesn’t really seem realistic to me at all and it’s certainly not a fun thing to do. Tunnelling, for me, is much more enjoyable and adds a whole new dynamic to the game.

Basically what I’m saying is that I’d like to see the devs completely overhaul the mining system at some point. I know it would be a huge amount of work and might not even be possible with Unity but it would still be nice. =/

I wasn’t aware of things not respawning with half destroyed nodes left over. I originally thought this mechanic was useful because new players would usually be able to find half harvested stone nodes for their initial tools.

The current rock nodes are only temporary. There was discussion about having to mine ore from the actual rocks and cliffs, and there’s concepts for mining rigs at

Nope, currently it’s too easy to deny other players resources. Leave the stone in the nodes right before you log off, and you just denied your neighbor probably 3-40 minutes of farming. I agree with OP, they need to change it so stones are not the last of the resources.