Stone Compound Walls

Does anyone else have problems with the Stone Compound Walls? I can not turn a 90 degree angle.

My problem is that they are useless.

Honestly, who cares if they have more health. I can use a bit of wood to get over them any time I want. They really should have some barbed wire or spikes at the top.

Agreed barbwire would be nice. I try the Wood Compound Walls but they disappeared in less then a day.

Stone ones are nice wrapped directly around your first floor, those suckers soak up so much c4.

I haven’t seen wood wall bps in the wild, do they spawn for any of you?

I can only build the stone version.

Pretty sure garry intends to add in barbed wire etc as a separate entity at some point. For now we have to use the spiked wood walls, unless they’re decaying retardedly fast like doomsick claims. I haven’t gotten a chance to test them myself.

Or you can go creative with barricades and stone walls. Who would’ve thought after jumping off a stone wall, they’d land on a metal barricade, and be stuck there, forced to die unless they are carrying insane amount of syringes and hatchets to break it down?

Back in Legacy the tall barricades lasted a between 1 and 2 days, and needed constant tending. (Unless you built them on foundations, which had its own issues.) With our current aggressive decay, it’s not surprising they go quick.

This may be an issue with decay overall…

Stone walls are useless as f. Give em some kinda protection

How about placing stone wall in front of wooden?

Or how about Facepunch just fix the walls so we don’t have to do something this retarded?

I’m not complaining too much, as the walls are new and will need to be balanced. But currently, they’re pretty much a useless resource sink.

Wrapping the stone ones around your base or like he said around the wooden ones works well as the stone ones absorb like 8 C4.

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Anyone tried to place barricades on top of the stone walls yet?

what i have noticed is that I can’t even place them, they are just unstable and fall apart, and on top of that, i get refunded 600 stones when they cost 500 stones…

Too bad the bottom of them doesn’t adjust to terrain like a foundation… or do they?