'Stone' cube.

Hey, I need a really basic custom model for a gamemode I’m making.

I just need an uneven cube 128x128x128 units with with varying LOD levels.
When I say an uneven cube think a cube roughly carved out of rock.

There’s gonna be hundreds of these things in the level, so it’s quite important the the LOD falls off fairly quickly

Ideally the mesh shouldn’t deviate from the surface of the uncarved cube by more than 16 units.
All the edges should be straight, just the faces made rough.

If someone could do this I’d be really greatful.

This type of rough?


The physics can always be forced to be a cube that’s 128^3.

Yeah, spot on. Although could you make all the edges straight so there’s no gaps if you stack one on another.

Or even tessellate the edges on opposite sides so they interlink when stacked, leaving no gaps.


Like this would be awesome…


That tesselation would be so hard… I don’t even know how to begin to tesselate a 3d object.

But, eh?


How many LODs? I’m thinking 3 or 4.





Meh I just made 2 lods and it’s fine.


LOD evolution (and I have vsync on so fps is stuck at 60, never slowed down)



Those look perfect.