Stone Gargoyle Swep

Using the fast Zombie Swep, add these peramiters.

Make the Fast Zombie 2x as weak as the Classic Zombie, and just as slow.

Primary: Zombie kneels down, puts its head down, and covers itself with it’s arms (use scripted animations from other npcs). Then it is statued and made stone material/color, with physical property (it is now a static pysics prop. (It is impervious in this mode, unless headshoted at which it will crumble to pieces (Stone Sprites with limited physics, that will fade away)

Reolad: Disengages stone mode, small debri sprites will come off the body as it fades back to normal material, color, and property, as the model returns to normal animations (will not work during secondary)

Secondary: When the Zombie leaps it is statued and made stone material/color, with physical property (once again it is a static physics prop, but this time it is on fire!). Upon impact with any surface, prop or player it explodes in a fireball of flaming stones (the impact will add +5 damage to the object or player it hits, and the explosion will ad an additional +5 to to anything caught in the blast). A headshot again will cause it to crumble, but the flaming debri will continue on it’s path.The debri will be sprites that wont cause any damage, but will begin to fade away and completely fade just prior to impact.

And if at all possible add sounds for the turning to stone, the debris hitting surfaces, the disengaging of the stonemmode, and the leap.

(Add the zombie laughing after it explodes or is killed)

Think of the Tanooki Suit from SMB3, if you held down B you would become a statue, now add Disney’s Gargoyles, and a little Resident Evil action, and WHAMO!