Stone gate where?

It was so difficult to make animation for gates and introduce them to the game? srsl…

I think the devs are extremely sorry for not having enough time to finish the stone wall in time to satisfy you. Seriously dude stfu.

Add wood gates and bug test and fix them first or add both and have everyone using stone gates only to find their bugged and peoples bases are unprotected and everyone lost their shit and the community flames the devs?

Easy choice imo.

How about you set up a stone gate and animate it? I give you time till next thursday.

And not just animate it. Make sure it functions properly against all weapons, decays properly, it renders with slopes, locks function properly, signs,…

I didn’t want that his brain melts.

It also needs LODs, collider batching, needs to look good with both stone and wooden walls, needs to snap to other parts properly.

Not that we expect OP to know what any of this stuff is, or how long it would take or how important it all is. Seems like the furthest his brain went was thinking about himself.

OP doesn’t want to contribute to his thread anymore =(

so we’ve got so many experts in game development here…

Or at least been around long enough to know what the hell is happening and why

i did some BASIC programs on my Comodore64…does that count as being an expert?

You don’t have to be an expert to know it doesn’t take 10 minutes to add a fully functioning feature into a game.

Do you know why people here react this way to one-line-topics with the content of less than a minute of thought?
Its because people come to this forum and say “why isnt this in the game?”, “omg fix pliz” and “nerf bow” “nerf ak” and some people keep answering “it’s alpha” and others try to explain why.

The responses here were even too polite and your answer was again less than a minute of thought.

So please before you open the next topic “Car where?” or “Backpack where?” as soon as the model is presented, please understand that facepunch failed to hire wizards.

Also, you are clearly not a game development expert.
The people here said everything that needed to be said and please don’t pollute our forums with topics like this.

(Since I received my first little warning ban a week ago I have to try using expressions that dort hurt people’s feelings)

mine had a cassette drive:)


They probably already have it done man and it’ll come with the next devblog.

Patience is a virtue…

nah, this :slight_smile: