Stone Hatchet

Just a suggestion but,

can the recipe for the stone hatchet be changed so that it now uses your rock and say 100-200 wood. This would help cut down on the item litter on the ground.

Also since it would be using your rock can the build time be reduced by at least half.

That’s actually a great idea, for clutter and just basic realism.

Everything despawns after like 60 seconds now, so there isn’t any ground clutter.

I think it makes sense. If I can jam a stick into that rock I’d have a pretty nifty stone hammer.

Maibe for a Stone hammer, but to make a stone that really works for a hatchet you would waste a lot of time in RL.

Great idea because then the Rock becomes useful again instead of being useless like it does after making a stone/metal hatchet, now it’d become a more personal item with a bit of sentimentality attached to it.


I have always wondered why it cost “Stones” when the finished product only contains one stone.

This idea solves a very vexing problem for me!

Like the idea!
Not understanding the clutter part?

Or let you break the rock into stones. (Right-click menu.)

Anything to offset the game’s comparative lack of stones in the early game.

could always erase the “stones” entirely and collect rocks from the nodes, which are then used as weapons or for crafting in place of the stones.

Same as making a stone spear doesn’t use any stones at all…

Confused yet?

As long as people don’t forget this when they bring in item wear and tear. Otherwise you might end up with no rock and a broken hatchet and no way to gather anything.