Stone Structures Confirmed?

Man this looks bad arse. so there will be stages from wood - stone so upgrade current wood structures? Looks sweet.

one of the reference pics for the lazy ones:

That would be very cool.

Stone should be an upgrade of Metal, because the metal houses are extremely easy to destroy, especially after they made the walls to be destroyed with 2 C4 instead of 4 C4 like it was before, and is suppose to be. Explosives are so easy to come by and craft, that Metal houses currently are completely useless, it’s just an extra C4 on the wall compared to wood which makes absolutely no sense… the cheapest way right now is to build a huge wood house to save up the metal, and just spend the metal on tens of Kevlar sets.

I agree with everything you said. Metal houses are just a waste of metal which can go to more useful things. On a side note: my friend and I raided a wood house yesterday. The outside wall took 3 c4 charges. Yes, they were placed in the middle of the wall. Yes, something was behind the wall. Whatever was behind the wall broke after the 2nd c4. Of all the raiding we’ve done, never had we used 3 charges on 1 wood wall…anyone else have this?

Could of been a wood ramp or a wood barricade, most likely a wood ramp though.

Awesome! Though the thought of stone and concrete sounds/looks more durable than our current metal building which is just thin sheets of metal and a metal frame.

i believe the stuff behind the wall absorbs the radius dmg on the C4

I’m not sure how stone would fit in-between wood and metal, unless it’s an upgrade of metal.

As wood walls take one C4 and Metal take two, there’s no middle ground to fill.

Do you feel that this is something that cannot be revised?

stone would come before metal obviously, and they would adjust metals durability. stone after metal makes no sense whatsoever

Let’s not forget that stone is much harder to farm than metal and wood.

I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve got 500 stone just sat there!”.
But from an average rock spawn you walk away with 3-5 stone, 3-5 metal ore, 3-5 sulphur. 3-5 metal ore actually turns into 12-20 metal shards.

If stone was going in between wood and metal they’d have to change the whole balance and potentially even add something like Stone Blocks that the stone would have to be worked into.

The easiest solution would be to make stone buildings endgame to account for their rarity.

More likely they’d just increase the number of stones a rock drops. Right now their drop rate is so low because of their relative uselessness.

We need a medium style construction for inbetween wood and metal
-“Maurino Berry”-

sounds like they plan to make it a middle thing :confused: well we will see if that will end good

This is awesome news.