stone to hatchet

so iv been jumping on a lot of servers lately starting from scratch, im doing this so if i get raided on one server i can jump an another and still have most of my research.

but anyway, i was wondering if instead of making a stone hatchet… use the rock to craft it, as all the stone hatchet is, is basically a faster version of the rock.
this idea came to me when i was finding packs lying around everywhere with 1 rock inside them. I found myself taking the rocks just to make the pack despawn.

but this was jus a quick sort of epiphany of mine. I was just wondering what you guys thought, feel free to tell me if its a load of crap


Ooooh I love this idea! Makes sense too! Why no make it so you need a piece of leather/cloth to tie the rock to the wood. Alternatively you could still need to gather a few stones as to “cut” the rock to the right shape and size.

i have to agree on you mate!
This is actually a nice and easy idea to implement!

thumbs up from me !

It really makes sense logically, maybe you’d need 1 cloth and 1 wood or something aswell.

i cant believe this got moved to the next page so quickly … but stupid stuff about exploding collars is at the top…i thought it was a pretty decent idea

Another idea would be to make the mine-able stone work identical to the stone weapon, perhaps even allow you to throw them. This would allow those bunch of useless unstackable rocks to become a neat and tidy pile.

Yeah, I agree - The rock should be one of the ingredients into the stone hatchet!

This would solve people dumping rocks on random bodies or having their crates fill up with the things.

So what if someone, who did not just spawn, wants to make a hatchet? He wont have the rock, and he can’t make it.

Well, they’re talking about the stone hatchet; not the metallic one. It makes sense as anyone without the stone would likely have been around long enough to have either already made the stone hatchet or found a pick. From what I can tell from videos, the stone hatchet is really just a stepping stone for brand new players to gather resources a little faster than the rock allows so there’s little reason for someone that doesn’t have a rock to want to make one.

I agree with that plus if someone really did want to craft stone hatchet for some reason Maybe later on for cosmetic reasons as all hatchets and pickaxe are shown as metal hatchet right now from other players view they could just make 5 stone craft a rock

Reason or not, people should still be able to make it. Maybe someone does not want to spend a lot of ressources on a hatchet? Or maybe they want to make one for their friend. Either way, a limited ressource, like a stone, should not be used for crafting.

There are any number of solutions to that “limited resource” problem though which make it still easy to craft the stone hatchet. For instance, kill yourself to spawn with the stone. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet so I don’t know if people drop them on death but you could also kill another new player to get a stone (as if noobs needed another reason for people to slaughter them.)

The ultimate solution would probably be something along the lines of Eagle771’s suggestion though where you simply turn the rock into a craftable item. As a result, little would change (other than possibly making the stone hatchet a little easier or more logical to craft) but people would still have access to the ability to craft stone hatchets in the late game.

That is silly, a ressource should not be dependant on having to suicide, or kill freshspawns

I’ll take that as you have no objection to making the rock craftable then.

I do, why would someone want to craft something that everyone starts with?

Indeed, and thus we’re back to the idea of why someone would want to craft the stone hatchet later in the game. It’s nothing more than a way to deal with your problem with that aspect of making a starter stone a material to begin with.

You miss my point. We don’t start with a stone hatchet, you can’t compare that.

Within 5 minutes of starting you should have the stone hatchet if you know what your doing. Why would anyone want to make the stone hatchet in the late game when they can just make a metal hatchet or a pickaxe and get more resources faster.

For the same reason that people will want to research cloth and leather armor, even though they have kevlar. Sometimes you just want something cheaper.