Stone vs Sheet Metal

Uhh… Why does Sheet Metal require more raw materials than Stone yet it is far less durable?

Because its used for a different purpose?

God people need to learn how the game works…
Stone is more resistant to explosive damage.
Sheet Metal is more resistant melee. aka tool raiding.

I only ever use sheet for early doors. It’s useless for walls.

Well doesn’t that just seem rather silly and utterly pointless

Nope. Sheet metal is not much harder to tool raid than stone. When facing the weaker side, they are both easy to tool raid. Sheet metal is simply useless.

One is for deterring raiders utilizing explosives and the other is for deterring people without explosives.

My advice to you is upgrade to stone and grind for HQM to armour your base.

Previously, metal was only useful as an upgrade material when first starting out and half the population of a server weren’t running around with stacks of C4. It kept you reasonably safe from tool raiders. It wasn’t impervious to tools, just more resistent. Otherwise, a metal base was just an invitation to raiding because of how cheap it was to get into with a single C4.

With the nerfs to tool raiding, sheet metal became completely pointless. There is no more tool raiding. None. Nada. The only thing sheet metal is useful for atm is for doors when first starting out until you get the materials to upgrade the door to armour.

Yes it is, here are the weak-side hits required to break said tier wall:

Pick Axe Stone 416.67
Pick Axe Metal 600

Source (I compiled that document from game files, updated every week, see the About sheet):

That said, it’s still a pretty terrible choice because of the weakness to rockets/c4. Tool raiding isn’t very popular now that the strong side has been added.

They are cheap… I don’t agree with them being “more resources” than stone walls, especially now that we have almost zero use for metal fragments. You’re probably better off having a 2x2 made of stone with 2 extra layers of sheet all around it than having a 2x2 made of stone with a crate of metal frags in it’s loot room, just saying.

For the most part the amount of stone available far outweighs the amount of frags. 2 layers of stone will be better than 1 stone and 1 sheet.

all walls are easy to break on the weak side. Your argument is crap.

Here are the Stats.


  • Hatchet hits required to kill Stone wall = 1000.00
  • Pick Axe hits required to kill Stone wall = 416.67
  • F1 Grenade hits required to kill Stone wall = 21.28
  • High Velocity Rocket hits required to kill Stone wall = 6.54
  • Rocket hits required to kill Stone wall = 3.60
  • Timed Explosive Charge hits required to kill Stone wall = 1.82


  • Hatchet hits required to kill Metal wall = 1200.00
  • Pick Axe hits required to kill Metal wall = 600.00
  • F1 Grenade hits required to kill Metal wall = 10.17
  • High Velocity Rocket hits required to kill Metal wall = 2.84
  • Rocket hits required to kill Metal wall = 1.55
  • Timed Explosive Charge hits required to kill Metal wall = 0.78

How is my argument crap when the stats back up my point? An extra 2 minutes of picking at a wall is nowhere near significant. However taking half the amount of explosives is. My argument is pretty sound.

It seems that it is just some more hits but you are missing the fact that tools break way faster on metal, you need way longer to craft all those tools.

Why don’t you go and show us all those sheet metal bases the knowledgeable players are building? It’s so common right, people just need to learn to play? There’s a reason every base is either stone or armor, sheet metal is useless no matter how many times you insist that it’s not. It’s a complete waste of an “upgrade” and it needs to be changed.

Newsflash, this is not a fact, this is heresay. Tools break at the same exact rate on sheet vs stone, there is no difference. In fact all tools/weapons take the same exact condition damage when they hit ANYTHING except resources where each tool that can gather has a value for condition loss on hit for this or that (3 categories: trees, animals, rock nodes).

Not all weapons/tools have the same base condition… This is why for instance the salvaged tools are destroyed so fast, their base “health” is lower than other tools AND their gather condition loss is also higher. I’ll add these values to the spreadsheet at some point, it’s on my todo list.


Is it possible to get this fixed in the near future? Doesn’t seem like it needs re-working just needs a boost to like 750hp to make it in line with the other materials

If it takes less than 1 c4 to take down it’s useless unless you want to use it strategically to bait people.

Wow, this is an insanely useful resource… thank you so much for putting the time into putting this spreadsheet together

Sheet is useless and needs to be buffed t 2x c4s, end.

That’s pretty handy, but what is the deal with the resource costs? It’s acting as though you lose one item per hit for tools, and for things such as sulphur on C4 the cost is multiplied by 10ish of what it would actually cost.

Unless I’m reading it right that is…

Its not going to “get fixed” because its working as intended. An upgrade =/= better at everything. Its intended to be weak vs explosives.