Stone vs Sheet Metal

Yeah I added these a couple days ago and messed up on items with durabity, I need to fix that just haven’t got around to it. Numbers should be good for other stuff, it’s just tools that are wrong.

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The hell you talking about bro?

After the tool raiding nerf there is no reason to have slightly better anti-tool wall while sacrificing c4 defense. It takes less than 1 c4 to take down a shit wall, it’s useless. Barely anyone tool raids these days. The problem with shit is that it’s not effective at anything.

Why was the weak side of walls even brought up in this topic… The fact of the matter is that tool raiding is dead and therefore sheet metal is useless.

Sheet metal is incredibly useful for one thing: upgrading your door from wood when you start out and only have metal fragments (no HQ metal).

It still need to be fixed in general, but sheet metal is very useful to upgrade a door from wood when you start the game.

I disagree. By the time I start building on a fresh vanilla server, I already have enough HQM ore for a door. It’s only 10 HQM after all… if you have enough stone for a simple 2x2x2, you’ll have enough HQM for a door (probably two or three).

wood door is too weak, people are breaking them with torches

I think we can all agree that Sheet Metal is utterly useless in its current state.

Even for doors, I understand that it is better than the wood tiered door, however by simply walking around and mining to build a decent 4x4 base you can easily get enough HQ metal for an armored door.