[StoneAge] No Military Weapons, Pvp, Sleeper, Rust++, Drop++

New Rust Server Looking for Admins
So I broke down and started a 200 person server. For now I’m basically doing it Stoneage style, no military weapons. I’m debating on C4 for now, but no military weapons for sure.

PVP is enabled, but I’m following a ‘Don’t be a Dick’ rule.

To join start Rust, hit F1, enter the following:

I’ve also got a 25 Person Mumble:
Port: 64748

To access the starter kit when you log in, hit enter and type /starter
Starter Kit Includes(12hr Cooldown):
Stone Hatchet
Wood Shelter
Wood Door
Sleeping Bag
Wood Storage Box

If you’re interested in becoming an Admin let me know. Just understand I will not tolerate any Admin abuse at all.

Have changed the starter kit. No more wood shelter, no wood door. Added 556 Ammo Blueprints. Removed all ammo drops. Added Bolt Action Rifle/C4/Grenades as drops to animals.

I’d like to hear the opinion of anyone on how they have liked moving everything over to animals instead of supply drops.

All weapons/explosives/armor drops are available from bears/wolves (still no military)