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[release]Stonedpotatoes was founded around two years ago (April 08). After a series of mergers (KillaZS merging with Winsaucestudios, which merged with stonedpotatoes) , it is now a reasonably large gaming community.

We currently have two dedi boxes, one of them is set to expire sometime in the future - the new one is much better, so we’ve no use for it.

We host our servers on a pretty decent setup as follows;

1Gbps switchport on OVH
i7 @ 2.6Ghz

Currently, we are running a popular Zombie Survival server - Killa’s Zombie Survival - which has had a community behind it since August 07. It’s heavily modified - nowhere near any released version of ZS you can find.

We’ve also just set up a Trouble in Terrorist Town server, along with many other non-permanent servers, including a Fretta server, a CSS server, and host a TF2 server for someone - the “Facepunch” server.

All our servers have FastDL available, and you can see a speedtest from our server below.

I didn’t spend a long time trying to get a good result, as speedtest is notorious for giving servers a lagspike.[/release]

Anyway, here’s the servers information:

[release]Killa’s Zombie Survival Server -

Zombified World -

Trouble in Terrorist Town -

Facepunch TF2 -

Fretta -

Sandbox -

Geo Forts -


As you can see, we don’t run all the servers all the time. The ones posted are the ones most often online.

Cool, will join sometime.

I’ve played in SP-ZS couple of months ago actively but then i stopped it, dunno why.

Oh awesome :h:

I got banned on the ZS for speedhacking. The admins are really immature.

Yes, we’re quite clearly immature for banning you for speedhacking.

wow, what shitty admins would ban you for speedhacking!!11!1


i will NEVER paly ur server again


unban me pls

Says the man who using an sql lite table to allow people to use a cracked bacon bot on his server. bacon_pass <0/1> is the name of the table.

Says the man who has never seen the source code which if he had seen would have told him that anyone who has this table is not running baconbot currently.

(Snippit from an old version of BaconBot)

local oldsqlexists = sql.TableExists
sql.TableExists = function(tbl)
	if string.lower(tbl) == "bacon_pass" then return false end
	return oldsqlexists(tbl)


also lol cracked baconbot, are you kidding me


If you don’t understand this, baconbot uses this to store a string as an account password for baconbot logins. It has nothing to do with my server? People who are banned for baconbot on my server fuck up majorly, snap around like idiots or scream on the mic ‘let me add you to my baconbot friends list’ then speedhack around. Until I bother to make a proper method to check for Baconbot I’m not going to actively search for people who don’t seem to be causing problems with it as is. The reason aimbots, esps and other ‘hacks’ are a problem is because it gives a player an unfair advantage, if players do not seem to have this then they don’t really need to be banned asap. They’ll fuck up eventually and then get permanently banned.

i opened a geoforts server last night too, we just need to fix the swep animations

Cool stuff.

Added Geo Forts to the OP.


By immature I mean loading rickroll scripts for having a clientside radio. Also, your bans are broken, I can keep connecting.

I fixed your post. That (previous) anticheat version only rickrolls for aimbot commands and forced convars. The current version doesn’t rickroll at all.

You probably aren’t even banned. The anticheat doesn’t ban, so unless an admin banned you, you were never banned.

The Stone Potatoes servers are great and got even better Since KillaZSS community joined them, I’ve had more fun now than I had then due to more people playing on more of the servers, also bigger slotcount than the older killaZSS server, which I mainly play on their ZS which is amazing.

for anyone who tried to join our fretta server since the creation of this thread only to find out that it was broken:

it has now been fixed

Lol, I never knew that SP had a Fretta server.

Your zombie survival server was one of the funniest times I had in a while.

Were you just on it? If so it’s great isn’t it?