Stool code not executing serverside on Listen Server?

I seem to be having quite a bit of trouble with my STool, it works fine in singleplayer, but when I transfer it to a listen server, everything just… Doesn’t work. I have a log of me utilizing the tool in singleplayer, and another one in multiplayer.

As you can see, this one shows the same as the above but from the point of view of a player in my listen server. Is it just me being stupid and GMod only runs one lua state for a listen server?

Here is my source:

TOOL.Category        = "Construction"
TOOL.Name            = "#ThreE_Cmd"
TOOL.Command        = nil
TOOL.ConfigName        = ""

if ( CLIENT ) then
    language.Add( 'ThreE_Cmd', 'ThreE Command Tool' )
    language.Add( 'Tool_Three_cmd_name', 'ThreE Command Tool' )
    language.Add( 'Tool_Three_cmd_desc', '' )
    language.Add( 'Tool_Three_cmd_0', '' )

function TOOL:LeftClick( trace )
        MsgAll("Client MsgAll
        print("Client print")
        self:GetOwner():ChatPrint("Client chat")
        print("Client was false.")
        MsgAll("Server MsgAll
        print("Server print")
        self:GetOwner():ChatPrint("Server chat")
        print("Server failure, client was true.")
    --return ThreE.Selection(self:GetOwner(), trace)

It seems that ClientSide does not get called on a singleplayer game, and Serverside does not get called when I use the tool on a listen server, but BOTH get called, clientside on the client and serverside on the server, when another user calls the tool.

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This is ridiculous, I copied the weld tool’s source into my tool, replacing everything, and it does nothing serverside when I use it.

I believe the client and server areas on listen servers and singleplayer are different than in a normal server. Not sure if this is why it’s messed up but I hope you get it fixed!

Well, I just accidentally shift-deleted my addon in its entirety. Time to remake, and this time I’m going to use a swep, to rid myself of this nonsense.
Now if only I’d memorized my other code verbatim…