STOOL: Headcrab Canisters

***** Headcrab Canisters STOOL *****

*** This is basically a Headcrab Canister Gun that lets you change aspects of the canisters on the fly. ***

*** Headcrab Type ***
* Normal
* Fast
* Poison

*** Method of Firing ***
* From above and in front
* From above and behind
* From straight above

*** Number of Headcrabs ***
* 0-40 headcrabs

*** Flight Time ***
* 0-15 seconds

*** Impact Damage ***
* 0-1000

*** Damage Radius ***
* 0-2000 units

*** Smoke Lifetime ***
* 0-120 seconds

*** First, right click to select a landing point. ***
*** Then, left click to summon the canister. ***

*** Bugs ***

  • Sometimes the smoke trail of the canisters doesn’t appear and you can’t see it falling from the sky. The canister just impacts at the landing point and then the smoke appears behind it. *

  • If the landing point is on a wall, then sometimes the canisters will impact and be facing into the wall. The headcrabs sometimes can’t get out. *

  • On some maps, this weapons is known to cause some lag. However, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. *

*** Install ***

  • Just extract it to your addons folder. ***

Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, finally!!! first post. Um just a suggestion. Could you make the cannister launching button operated?


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Wow, that is very nice dude. :smiley:

jo3v, do you mean with the numpad, like with thrusters or something?

Yeah, that is exactly what i mean. It would be awesome if i preset the canister’s landing coordinates and only waited for someone to walk by and get the fright of their lives. Also Does the right click only set 1 destination or can you set multiple destinations and fire them all at once?

make a keypad for spawning like buttons wise

It sets one destination, and then summons one canister. I’ll see what I can do with the numpad, it sounds like a good idea. You could assign a landing spot for each number and then press that number to summon it. Keep in mind that making 10 canisters at once might lag a little, I’m not sure. I’ll update it when I’m done. It’ll be a few days though, cause I don’t know how much time I’ll have to do this in the next few days.

I am having trouble with your STOOL, everytime I create a target and try to spawn a canister I get this error in the console

(null) (env_headcrabcanister) could not find an entity matching LaunchPositionName of 'target'

I have had trouble like this with your swep to getting the “could not find entity” and I checked the lua they are the same name, so whats wrong?

Dude this thing is’nt good at all it’s FANTASTIC! LUA KING (bows down)

It should work.“targetname”, “target”) makes the info_target called “target”. Then, self.canister:SetKeyValue(“LaunchPositionName”, “target”) finds an info_target named “target” and fires from there. If those are the same, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work.

nope nothing works :frowning: it only works in single player and I don’t know why

Same thing with fireblazer happened to me :frowning: same thing happened with your swep of it

:frowning: I have no idea. It has always worked for me, and according to what I know about lua scripting there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work. Sorry. If anybody else has any ideas feel free to tell.

Is it not working in multiplayer?

yes, it only works in single player, I have tried to change the name of the target see if that was it but no luck either :frowning:

Well it worked for me. Awesome stool Mrak. Cannot wait for the next version.

Hmm. I’ll see if I can get multiplayer working better and I’ll do something with the numpad.

just awesome and cool!!

I’m having the same problem as well, I can’t see the canister or the headcrabs.

Only in multiplayer Killusion, or always?

Ehh… Okay… (It is great!)