STOOL: Naval Mines


Undo bug fixed.

Naval Mines

Creates naval mines! Useful for keeping enemies out of your side of the water. Will explode on impact with an entity, and has lots of options, such as sensitivity and radius override. Also fun for hanging from ceilings, and gettings zombies to walk through.

Model made by MagNet.


To install:
Extract and put the “Naval Mines” folder in “garrysmod/addons”.

Picture (Old): (taken by MagNet) Mines.jpg

Video (Old): (taken by »Alex³®«)

that is a really cool idea i am downloading now

Very good idea. I expect more of them [ideas].

Cool :smiley:

Instead of setting its mass to 1 why not set the physprop to float?

Well the naval mine model floats itself maybe it could do without any mass and physprops changing.

Very cool. Downloaded the model & this STOOL. Lua king’d.

This is amazing, but isn’t a little more of a Swep than a STOOL?

Because I’m half asleep. :stuck_out_tongue:
Good idea, I’ll include it when I next update it.

It’s a STOOl, its used via the Toolgun.

This stool is so much fun. I don’t have the best coputer in the world and I spawned a countless number of them. It took 5 minutes before my computer came back to life.
Nice stool.

THIS IS SO COOL! :lol: good job!

I just owned people trying to drive on MY water in a water based map :P.

Haha, nice.

On a side note: At first glance, I thought it said “anal mines” Hehe, that grabed my attention!

helps to have island wars. boats and mines don’t mix, unless it’s war :smiley:

Nice one, I am sick and tired of having to use the explosive barrel and rope now I can just click and it will be done yay for you!!

This will be fun for boat battles!

This is the reason I bought version 10! Finally some fun stuff to play with!

Oh noes! Now my friends have defence against my Submarines! Damnit! Good work, tho :slight_smile:

Sweet! Gold star for you :slight_smile:


(And magnet for model :))