STOOL: NPC Spawn Platforms

NPC Spawn Platforms! - that’s!

New version: more extra features than you can shake a stick at! Includes NPC squad options, removal of console spam, and the ability to bind Turn On/Turn Off to numpad keys! (and some other stuff) - see the screenshots for the new menu layout (now requires some scrolling because of the mamount of options).

This STOOL allows you to spawn “NPC Spawn Platforms”, that are spawnpoints to whatever NPC you wish. You can set up how you want the spawner to work, setting maximum children at once limits, spawn rate, weapon to issue, health multiplier to apply, and other stuff (see the image with the context menu in).

You get a download and a Lua King.
Good job! :smiley:


Wow thanks, this will be great and useful.


Are you adding them to squads automatically? Because you should in order to make sure the AI works properly.


Alternatively you can add a new box to the menu where you can input the squadname, npc_maker (which I assume you used) has a keyvalue you can use to add npcs to squads.

I’m bending over, please insert.

Good stuff. Is there any way to make it so only admins can use it?

Excellent job, can’t wait to try it.

What about squads? You should have a bar that you can use to set squad numbers.

Totally forgot squads - I’ll add a name textbox when I learn how. I only start STOOLs yesterday O.o

Lua Kinged. I actually requested this :slight_smile: My only complaint is that you can’t toggle the spawner with a numkey, so it’s a pain to go over and turn 'em all on with AI disabled. Other than that, VERY nice job.

EDIT: Try it with this map :stuck_out_tongue:

fucking awesome.

Needs an undo option and also a numpad toggle. Great job though. Lua Kinged.

Whoa, thanks. Just about everyone’s been waiting for something like this.

Yay now i can go duckhunt :slight_smile:

Nice job mate! Can’t wait to try this out.

FINALLY! you are a god! I love you! been waiting for this since G10 was released! THANK-YOU!!!

Lua King :smiley:

This kicks ass.
Lua kinged.

YES! I have been waiting for this! Now I can just make constant warfare against Combine!