STOOL: NPC Spawn Platforms

sounds cool, I have downloaded it; have you???

New version: more extra features than you can shake a stick at! Includes NPC squad options, removal of console spam, and the ability to bind Turn On/Turn Off to numpad keys! (and some other stuff) - see the screenshots for the new menu layout (now requires some scrolling because of the mamount of options).

Now I’m ging to bed - if the new version is too buggy just use the old version or whatever.

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If there isn’t an option for it already, have a checkbox that will delete the NPCs after the spawner is turned off through the numpad. Would be great for making our own GMod Tower style minigame places.

thi is the best thing :stuck_out_tongue:
nice work

you got a LUA king
and my download


its same as the Npc_maker entity in valve hammer

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Lua King’d. :sax:

There’s something wrong with the zip file, I can’t download, Can someone please fix this?

EDIT! Why is everyone Ignoring me?

This is the first STOOL I have downloaded, where do I put it?

Extract it to your garrysmod/addons folder. If you open the .zip file with WinRAR it says where to extract it on the right.

This is good. Got my download.

I don’t mean to come off as weird or anything but I wanna get it on with you.

Next version can you add an undo option?

My games are quickly filling up with ragdolls (that can’t be cleaned) :x anyway to automatically unspawn ragdolls when they die? Thanks for this though, I love it!

fonikz :

That what you looking for?

I’m finding it hard keeping players under control with the npc spawners on my server. They generally flood my server with spawners until it crashes. Can you make this admin only with a toggle option?

I’ve had to remove it until i can have some kind of control.

I wouldn’t have suggested allowing the tool to be used on multiplayer servers, partially because of how badly NPCs generally perform online, but largely because of that exact point. I’ll make a little admin security, although I won’t have a full-blown release for it (I’ll just provide some code to suffix the STOOL code with).

That’s fine, just a little bit of admin is fine. I find that 4 spawners with 5 each is more than enough for most senarios espically on CSCDesert and it doesn’t lag the server. However you can imagine coming online to find over 100 zombies created by idiot players is generally not a good thing (espically when combined with zombie invasion lua)

Well to stop other players from using this tool I made the admin spawnable/player spawnable fixed. But it doesn’t work, please fix.

noob question:
Where do I put this once downloaded?


somebody please help me!

I thought I’d updated the file description to say this. You should extract the contents of the .zip file to “garrysmod/garrysmod/addons”. The addon should then be installed the next time you open GMod - you can check what addons you have installed by pressing “MODS/ADDONS” on the main menu of Garry’s Mod; if the STOOL has been extracted correctly you should see as an entry “STOOL: NPC Spawn Platforms 1.0” (I forgot to update the version number, “whoops”).

Once the addon is properly extracted the STOOL will appear in your STOOL selection menu.

Any luck with making the STOOL admin only? Or perhaps even just the code to insert and i can do it manually…

Very well done man, This will be very useful. Downloaded and a Lua King for you.