STool problems.

Good day people. It appears I have a problem with these two STools, Easy Precision tool, and Weight tool.

So first off, the Easy Precision tool: I will begin by saying I’ve downloaded Mad Cow’s weapon pack. As this may have caused my problem, but I have deleted it and I still have it. So, for people who have used Easy Precision, you do know the screen locks if you check the rotate option. In single player, it locks my screen, and I can turn the props. But in multiplayer, it wont lock the screen, and I can freely move the screen AND the prop. My problem? Screen wont lock in multiplayer. Fixes? Similar problems?

Weight tool: My weight tool stopped working in multiplayer. The weight reads 0. Anyone else also have this problem?

For weight tool, do you mean multiplayer in other servers? If you have the addon yourself, try removing it and it should work in other servers.

Well, I did uninstall it. Still weight in MP is still 0. And nobody has the same Easy Precision problem?