STool: Prop Stacker


by Greg "OverloadUT" Laabs

This STool is included in my STool Pack.[/release]

This is a STool that makes stacking props very easy. Simply fire at the prop you want to stack and there will be a perfectly aligned duplicate prop on top of it. You can choose to stack in any direction, and if you want it stacked relative to the world or the prop. It also has special support for PropDefender so that your duplicated props will be owned by you.


Extract this archive to your garrysmod/garrysmod directory. The files will be placed in the appropriate folders.

Configuration and usage

Once you install this, the “Stacker” tool will show up in the list of tools, in the “Construction” category.[/release]

= Updated to work with the latest patch. NOTE: Due to a Garry’s Mod bug, the stacker will no longer prevent objects from spawning outside of the world. This will hopefully be fixed soon.

= Fixed it so it works in singleplayer.


  • Added a checkbox to adjust rotation of the stacked props on each spawn. This allows you to things like arcs and spirals.
  • Added a ghost preview of the first item in a stack. You can even adjust the values and watch the ghost update instantly.
    = Changed the X,Y,Z offsets to be relative to the prop being stacked. This has a big effect on how these offset values change the stack, but it’s a good change that gives you a lot more power.

= Fixed it so cleaning up all props will include props created with the stacker


  • Added a button to reset all of the advanced options back to 0
  • Added a button to auto-weld the stacked props together
  • Added a button to make each prop in the stack nocollide with the prop below
    = Changed the way I detect if the desired position is outside the map.


  • First Release[/release]

If the stacker stool is not working, check the following folders for a "ol_stacker.lua" file:


If there is a “ol_stacker.lua” file there, delete it. This is caused by some people redistributing my stools incorrectly.

man that is cool,can you say easy fort building?

Holy shit. This is so awesome. I can now stack props easily without worrying about ECS and the hassle. THANK YOU!

I never thought I would would bother downloading additional tools for gmod10, but THIS one is definitely worth getting.

OverloadUT, you’re my LUA god. Don’t stop posting Stools please.

This is brilliant!


I actually prefer stacking via console commands, but this is very useful too. Lua king for you my friend :slight_smile:

Great Work! This truly enhances my gmod experience.

Awesome job and as i keeo saying on all of your releases “Great Job And Keep Up The Good Work” This is really good anyway lua king’d

I must say that this stool is better than the ECS thing, :smiley: Nicely done.
Got to lua king you :slight_smile:

I warrant this makes barrel spam easier.

Gigantic towers of doom are fun.

Whoa OverLoad…your Stools will really overcrash forums :).
Don’t stop releasing,and Lua king for you :).

dude that is so helpful keep posting the stools

This is infinitely helpful, and easy. Kinged.

I love you Ol keep up the good work
(i’m not gay)

Nice i love it thank you!

Whoa, I think we devinetely need a new rating thingy.

It would be called “OverloardUT-Like” and would count as a hundred gold stars.

You’re awesome and your stools too O.O

Best STOOL ever!!!

Please add these ideas in next version:

Checkbox( Stack welded to world )
Button( Reset values ) this will be useful for reset xyz and rotations

Please! Lua king’d.

A+ #1! Definitely makes forts and stairs easier. Oh, and mike, be carefull where you toss explosives, hehe.