Stool: Skin switcher

My collection of models downloaded from here and there includes some models which define more than one skin, however, I frequently don’t know which ones are those, since they don’t come with spawnlists, and even those spawnlists might not be correct. I didn’t find anything allowing me to switch skins easily, so I wrote a tool to rectify this problem:


  • Cycling through skins in order
  • Random skin selection
  • Purposeful skin selection by slider

It looks like it works properly, within my abilities to test it, so I’m releasing it for everyone to play with.

What’s wrong with just using the spawn menu?

When you spawn a model it checks for skins, if it has any it adds them to the spawn menu. They’ll show up when you reload the map.

Potentially useful. While the spawn menu can spawn all skins of an object in theory, half the time my extra skins don’t load up.

This also lets you skin objects built into contraptions. After all, what if the Weighted Storage Cube Robot develops a heart? It’s simple, yet handy for those hard-to-reach areas. Not bad.

Nice job.

Could you please ad the setboygroup ent_fire?

Somehow no one made that…

Not all skins shows up. Nice creation. Lua King’d.

Could you tell me which model does it happen with, so I can test?


I don’t think I understood that, could you describe what you want in more detail?

Awesome creation! I used to hate it when using the stacker tool, and it stacked the default skin only. Now I can change that. :smiley:

This seems alot better than this one here:

Although it seems you never noticed that there was this skin tool before this.

If I knew there was one already, I probably wouldn’t bother making a new one. :slight_smile:



You made emo homer happy, look.

Another great thing about this tool is that you can change the skins of antlions for fun, and Combine Soldiers, to make them look like the shotgun soldiers (brown ones from EP2)! :smiley:

Sorry for the bump.

So say I want to use a replacement skin for a model and I still want to have the original skin available. Would this do the trick?

i would like to know this also.

No, you need a hexed version of the actual model.

nice work, pretty useful for those skins that dont show in spawn menu

lets say you spawn a Gordan freeman NPC and you want him to be a different skin?