Stool that removes bone limits from ragdoll?

I would like a stool that when shot at a ragdoll would remove any restrictions from the ragdoll movement itself. You could manipulate it like a wicked contorionist and make it stretch across the map or make the screwed up ragdoll have a hand through its torso or something like that. It would basically no-collide with itself so we could do some poses that aren’t possible. Could any lua scripter do this?

I don’t think that would be possible without recompiling the model.

I don’t know much about models or lua, but being able to bend ragdolls in anyway could be a pretty cool idea, or allowing them to stretch. Anything along those lines sounds interesting.

its possable cus garry did it with the finger poser. heres a little explanation:

all the fingers on a ragdoll have constraints of a max of 0 and a min of 0 so the fingers dont move so garry did his little scripting thing that gives you the ability to change the min and max constraints for the finger bones

While you wait for it to be made, you can weld a soda can to a ragdoll part, then move the soda can.


there used to be a cvar something like… sv_pedanticragdoll or something, and you could stretch them really far, but idk what happened to it.