Stool/Tool Searcher Addon [Fix/Request]

Hello There.

I find it hard to go though the 30 to 50 tools i have. And i find it hard to search for the tools fast when playing on different servers.
I struggle to find the tools i need fast.

There are some here that are broken and need fixing.

Dose any one know a search addon that works. Or is any one able to fix these, Then upload them to the workshop?
Is anyone working on a tool searcher addon?

(The rest here is me just ranting on about an idea)
It would be useful to some player if Garry could add a tool searcher at the top right corner that is VERY quick and efficient to use. You could hold P that click in the top right hand corner to get a tool searcher up.
It would be also nice if you cold make your own category of tools saying favorite tools. Just ideas.


Bumping this. Shit should be standard in gmod.