Stool Turret 0.9

Modified from Stool Turret RC4

Originaly written by Richard Croxford
Modified by khm (aka HellRazor)

I don’t know if someone already modified this and added functionality or if the original author ever finished this but i couldn’t find anything so i modified it

This is my fist gmod lua project so there are probably many errors i didn’t find.
I called it 0.9 because there is still some work that needs to be done on it.

Added Isolation mode
This separates the Stool Turret’s Stool function from the rest
Example: If you have a bunch of of Stool Turrets in rope mode and they all fire at once then
Without Isolation mode turned on for them about half will start new rope instances while the
other half finish them resulting in a weird crisscross mesh rope net

	With Isolation mode turned on they all start their own new rope instances so that it is easier
	to coordinate them

Added wire input “Freeze”
0 unfreezes the Stool Turret and anything else freezes it

Added wire input “Mode”
A string of the Stool name you want to set the Stool Turret to use
Example: “rope”

Added wire input “Isolate”
0 turns off Isolation mode andything else turns it on

Added wire input “Config”
A wire E2 table input that lets you change the current config of the Stool Turret’s Stool
Note: that it will not add or remove variables from the config, this prevents errors and makes it
easier by letting you just change what you want
Also all config variables (as far a i know) are strings

Added wire output “FireCount”
Outputs the number of times the Sturret has fired since it was created
As that only 5 can fire per server tick, if you have a LOT of them it can theoretically thow
off timings
you can use this to avoid that

Added wire output “Mode”
A string output of the name of the current Stool beung used by the Stool Turret

Added wire output “Isolated”
Outputs a 1 if Isolation mode is on for this Stool Turret else outputs a 0

Added wire output “Config”
Outputs a wire E2 table with the current config of the Stool Turret’s Stool

It can be downloaded at:

latest can be found at:

If this works, then its awesome! It can definitly help in various wire constructions like factorys ++! Ill test it later on a server, and give a better feedback :slight_smile:

It seems to sort of work with the wire tool and doesn’t work with the advanced wire tool at all, so next i’ll try to make some sort of simple way of using it with the wiring tools.
Also should i set up an SVN for this?

Well, I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the tools menu, even when I know I placed it at the right place on the server, and yes the cache is uploaded. But it seems to be all kinds of wire problems now, so I guess you had the worst time to release it ever… :confused:

hhhmmm, thats odd, i’m not having any problems with it on mine =/
do you have everything up to date and did you remove the previous version of stool turret?