STool Turret

Modified from Stool Turret RC4

Originally written by Richard Croxford
Modified by khm (aka HellRazor)


How to Install:
Place this addon folder in:
<Steam Install Path>\steamapps&lt;Your Steam Account Name>\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\

A you tube video i made to show off what can be done with it:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Version 0.95:

Added 3 models and fixed old ones
Added 3 models that can be used for the STool Turret and fixed them so that
they would be facing the correct way when placed as well as fixed the beam
so that it not only comes out the correct end but in the correct directions

Added Built-in Wiring Tool
To use set Mode to “wire” or “wire_adv”
Note: While it does not use the select wiring stool it dose use its config
Not wiring:
LeftClick: Starts a new wire connection
RightClick: Dose nothing
Reload: Removes a wire connection
While wiring:
LeftClick: Finishes the new wire connection
RightClick: Adds a node to the new wire connection
Reload: Cancels the new wire connection

Added wire input “WirePort”
This is used to select what wire port the Built-in Wiring Tool will make its connections to or remove them from

Fixed wire input “Config”
It will now add and modify values
If a value isn’t in the STool Turret’s config but is needed by the STool, it is now redirected to the STools Config

Some STools store their config on the client side only which makes it
look like they don't have one when the turret pulls up their info, so
this fix was necessary to prevent the STool from crashing from not having a value it needs

Fixed wire output “FireCount”
Now only increments when it has successfully fired and not just when its fire is called

Fixed a bug where if an STool would crash if it used the timer to try to reduce the servers workload

Very nice. Next time you should use the Camera for video making, next time.

couldn’t get the camera to move the way i wanted

Great, now I have to learn how to make factories. Very useful tool!

I need Wire to run this, right?

it can be used without wire, but wire is needed to automate it

This might be a bit of a bump, but how do you get it to actually Weld two parts together, and this randomly crashes my server too.
The first question is most important, second one is being answered, however a answer to the second one would be nice too.

Sanks you wery much!

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I know this post is old, but would it be possible to get a updated download or is it gone forever?

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