Stools are ERROR signs

i started up gmod and i pull out a stool and instead of seeing the stool gun i see a big error. How do i fix this?

Sounds like a virus.

should i try reinstalling gmod? or can i fix this or am i stuck this way no matter what

Run a scan with your anti-virus.

No viruses in the gmod directory or steam directory… i think i may have replaced it with nothing does anyone have a replacement stool model?

You must of replaced it with an addon, then deleted it, but you didnt put the folder contents in your addon, you just threw em in your model folder or somthin

ok so is there a replacement mod or something?

This isnt really with stools but i accidently made 2 steam accounts and one is my main account with garrys mod and the other one with counter strike source and day of defeat source. i was wondering, how can i transfer thoes games to my main account so i can use their props without there being an error sign???

Delete/rename the garrysmod folder, it will be fully restored from the gcf. Then copy over the stuff you wanna keep.

you cant. well, you can TRY copying the DoD:S and CS:S folder then pasting it in your account name. but otherwise you would have to buy those games again on you main.


That worked thanks

Also antivirus can’t detect lua viruses.