STOOLS trouble.

I guess this is more to do with scriptenforcer, but I run a server and have edited stools of the default stools the stools then appear in a “New Category” and have no sound and do not shoot the laser until i turn scriptenforcer off. I guess it has something to do with the md5 not being the same as the ones that come with sandbox I can provide examples.

Some of these are addons which are blocked by scriptenforcer but you can see that some default tools are blocked as well.

You need to call AddCSLuaFile serverside on the file you’re adding clientside. Also hilarious thread name.

It should automatically add the files in gmod_tool/stools/ I thought. The problem isn’t that the clients aren’t getting the tools it’s that its not overriding the default sandbox ones.

I doubt it will. Call AddCSLuaFile from your serverside or shared file and see if that works.

Sorry, that didn’t work. The sandbox derivatives still overwrite my gamemodes.