Stop a Random Raid with P250

Random house i past by was getting raided so i went to check it out.

There you go.

Oops sorry lol idk why it didnt link

lol u probably confused the hell out of them

this guy uses a light hack… in a video he promotes. if it’s not a light hack, then he did some wierd shit to his gamma

He upped his gamma. Not a hack.

If he was doing it with Nvidia/ATI control panel it wouldn’t show in the video.

So he’s using some 3rd party program, hence will probably be banned.

Wouldn’t be the first time

Who is that?

Because you have to delete the s in the hyperlink, you can’t embed a secure link.
Thats you man, cmon now.

Nahh dude but thanks for caring :slight_smile:

well this is embarrassing, I guess there are two busimen floating around making a mess of things.

Wrong, several streamers bump up the gamma in their recording software so the viewers can see at night. This lets the viewers see but not the player. Not everything is a conspiracy

Bushiman*. I guess so

men is the plural of man.

how the raiders were raided:v: