Stop abusing Renamon.

No Srsly. Stop it…

Just your typical unfunny Gmod video.
Move along.

How unfunny.

Move along people nothing to see here.

Is it actually a “her”?

I doubt an anthromorphic fox has a specified gender, but it’s most likely considered to be considered female, due to the voice.

She’s female in the show

Male in the german version.

That’s disturbing, never liked digimon though…

and why should we stop?

Wow, remove the HUD Before doing this, Fucks sake.

Stop trying to start a fucking fad. They’re all awful.

Y’know, they’re funny the first time you see 'em… then they just lose their charm.

Except this piece of shit was not funny the first time and will never be.

Well, the first vid I saw was okay, but the rest… meh.

Renamon was pretty OP in Digimon Battle Arena.

Can you fail a bit more on you vids plz.

what is that audio from

God you have more of a stiffy for renamon then I do and I mean come on dude.

Oh you. :rolleyes:

I always hated Renamon.