Stop buying RP gamemodes!

Stop financing this barely legal business done by dishonest developers!

**Every single modification of a Source game has to be distributed free of charge, or else it is a breach of contract **

Irregardless of how feature extensive said gamemodes are, you should never, ever, accept any sort of deal to buy them in any way. Just a list of reasons why:

[li]You’re being scammed! This sort of gamemodes are going to be leaked and released anyway.
[/li][li]It’s not even worth the money. If you’re buying it off someone, it means that person has the intention of selling it to other people anyway, so you’re never getting an unique gamemode.
[/li][li]You’re harming the Garry’s Mod developer community by withholding knowledge and resources which are probably derived from open sources anyway. All developers should contribute for the general improvement of the Garry’s Mod community, not keeping their advances to themselves for their own personal gain.
[/li][li]9 out of 10 times you’re going to get scammed off your money. Do I have to remind you people how Rick Dark got paid 200 dollars by TnB to produce a new gamemode, and then failed to provide it after a year? Do I have to link you guys to the recent leak made by Kuropixel of his gamemodes?

Stop scamming yourself, and stop buying gamemodes.

NOTE: Even though it isn’t illegal to paying a developer for his time spent developing, as it is an interpersonal contract, as long as the gamemode itself is not sold, I do not condone this. If you want to do so, fine, it’s at your own risk, and it’s very likely you’re going to get scammed.

I’m not going to encourage an opensource circlejerk, but paying for a gamemode is a waste of your money. Write your own and keep it private until it gets leaked, or use a public one.

Nah, paying for them is good, you might get a little “X is not blocking you” message, plus you will get rid of those evil 200$!

In all seriousness, don’t fucking buy gamemodes, just use free ones, unless you are too much of a moron to find them.

People shouldn’t keep Gamemodes, or really anything, from the public of Garry’s Mod. That goes completely against what Garry’s Mod stands for. Its meant for the full modification and free distribution of even smaller modifications, to better the community. Not horde off your work to people because you want to earn a bit of cash. If you’re going to make content for a game that is completely open sourced, then at least have the common decency to release your work publicly instead of making people pay. If you want to make people pay for you’re stupid work, then go sign a contract with Valve.

Agreed, perp is just “derp” with a “p”.

[quote=“Big Bang, post:1, topic:54501”]

[li]9 out of 10 times you’re going to get scammed off your money. Do I have to remind you people how Rick Dark got paid 200 dollars by TnB to produce a new gamemode, and then failed to provide it after a year? [/li][/QUOTE]

Completely wrong.

Rick Dark a developer, quit Taco 'N Banana due issues with the playerbase there. Dave then sent him $200 via PayPal to work again. Rick Dark declined the offer and sent money back.

Kuro bursted out a big laugh when he made a deal with a customer. It’s just big scam.

Rick and Kuro are so awesome they don’t have to obey the law. Or any contrats, anyway.

But seriously now, only an idiot would buy an RP gamemode made by someone like Kuro. You could make your own as well, and at least it wouldn’t have backdoors.

Jeez, paying for a LUA gamemode… Now I understand why there is so much poverty in the world: in order to keep retards safely away from money.

Hell, learning how to code, and spending years on practice, JUST to make the type of gamemode you’re willing to buy is way more worth it.

haha what?

Selling gamemodes isn’t illegal, it in itself is not a modification to source engine, it is only a lua script.

Not buying gamemodes encourages developers to seek something else to do, something that they could profit from.

Think about it. In the long run, your wasting (example) 800 dollars for KuroScript/Nexus when you could learn how to code yourself and end up being a successful coder. That way you have A, learned a new skill, B, not wasted 800 dollars.

If you’re seeking profit out of GMod, you’re a fucking idiotic developer. You could yield 10 times the amount by developing your own game.

Selling gamemodes is even worse, it’s selling a modification of a modification of the Source Engine. Even though a Lua script is made by you, it cannot run entirely without GMod, an RP gamemode can only be used with GMod, and I haven’t heard of anyone paying Garry some royalties.

Learning to code is like learning to play an instrument. Sure, you might be able to do the basics, but you either need years of training or a lot of talent. Not everyone can code.

Well then, not Rick Dark. But there are several examples to be listed, some more notorious than others.

People actually BUY Gamemodes? :cawg:

Hello disinformation!

As for the Valve SDK EULA, I believe that it’s only concerning garry, code that is loaded through the lua VM is treated pretty much like a library, i don’t even think that garry himself has the legal ground to tell you that you can’t sell your lua scripts.

I’m all for opensource, but nobody is forced to adhere to it. Also, even lua script is covered by intelectual property, you CAN be sued for breaching the license terms you signed when buying a private gamemode.

I can perfectly understand someone willing to buy the expertise and know how of someone else for a few bucks than spend a year or more to get to the same point. That’s why most of us buy our paper instead of making it ourselve.

It’s not because it hasn’t happened yet that it never will.

How can you license code with for example, GPL, if it relies directly on the game to work? If I make something to work with your stuff and I plan to sell it, and you already have a license for it, then I gotta pay you back. That’s how copyrights work.

The essential problem is that GMod isn’t free, nor Source is. Garry and Valve have a deal, and essentially Valve is keeping 50% of all profits that come from Garry’s Mod. A gamemode is essentially a modification of existing GMod code, specifically sandbox. You could use a license like GPL in, for example, a library. But a gamemode, which is by definition a “mod of a mod of a mod”, cannot be copyrighted in any way.

What happens in things like Second Life where scripts and the like are sold is because these people have a contract with the developers, two actually, the EULA and the Developer contract. Not only that, but these scripts are sold using a propietary Second Life scripting language, and using in game currency only. In reality, the creators of said code have absolutely no legal copyrights of the code outside of the game, which effectively doesn’t affect them at all, since it can’t be used of the game anyway.

These gamemodes are sold both on a copyrighted engine, using parts of copyrighted code, and with clear dependencies of copyrighted code. No license in the world allows for so much legal headroom, not even Lesser GNU, nor MIT, nor anything. You can charge me for said gamemode, but I am in all rights to take it and distribute it for free.

As for paying a developer. There’s a certain difference between a donation and a salary. If you’re giving them money so they develop your stuff, they have absolutely no legal obligation to complete said script, you’re not an employer, and you don’t have an office. Internet contracts have no legal standing, hence why it is so easy to be scammed.

A donation is merely dropping some money in someone’s tip jar. It’s kind of like having your grandfather give you money for Christmas, it’s perfectly legal.

Gamemodes are the intellectual property of their creator. This automatically copyrights it, however as far as I know ,this copyright is a “fair use” policy - giving people the right to edit the gamemode if they have it, but not re-release it. Selling it is a grey area though, probably more on the side of being against Valve’s ToS.

This, Copyright is no the right to sell your product, in no fucking way is it. It is the right to maintain the RIGHTS to your product, so if it was re-distributed with modifications you didn’t allow, then you could complain and threaten. The SDK EULA states you CANNOT sell content for Source, not without purchasing a licence. By definition a Lua Gamemode is a mod, for a SOURCE mod, therefore falls under this.

I say we help valve out and sue Kuro for all he’s got :v: smug bastard needs to be taken down a notch.


I’m cool with hiring developers, just make sure you pick someone trustworthy. Selling a pre made gamemode is just fucking sad.

The sdk eula cover the sdk only, the lua code is running through a lua virtual machine which isn’t covered by Valve’s EULA, which makes lua scripts a library technically, and a library can have a different licensing than the program it runs upon.

Feel free to challenge Kuro to court if it fancy you, but i wouldn’t be so sure about you winning the case.