stop cheaters

This rly make me gonna stop play this game soon. 2 times in 3 days… someone when i am farming goes through walls and no doors or walls broken. and take all my stuff this time…

3 set kev.
4 m4s
9 c4
280 planks

what is the point off playing plz tell me? and Is it possible to stop this?

Playing on EU!

Yeah that is pretty bad, some other peeps are experiencing the same stuff.
I guess we need to be patient, these kind of things are common in alphas.


Don’t keep all your baskets in one egg, expect everything you worked for to be stolen, griefed or destroyed in a wipe. There’s always gonna be some exploit that people keep in their circles, until it spreads like plague to the point where there’s youtube tutorials on how to further break the game. People have this “by exploiting I’m helping development” justification, even though the current browser-only state of the game doesn’t allow for an anti-cheat system like punkbuster so to exploit the game really isn’t as huge an accomplishment as these kiddies may believe.

This game is in alpha, you play to test, so simply get over it.

It’s not hacking its “Glitching” the devs will fix once they know how it is done.