Stop complaining about being banned.

I hate when people come here and complain that they are banned. What do you think?
#1 You’re a scum for hacking
#2 And then you have the cheek, to come on here complain that you are banned and say that you did not.

People like this really f**k me off…

Complaining about complaining doesn’t help much but, it’s pretty easy to tell them to fuck off when they use the same name that they used on a cheat forum :v:

They really fuck you off? Ha, never heard that before, gave me a chuckle.

I personally love seeing those threads, because they beg to be forgiven or say they aren’t cheating*. I always go on there to see the responses, its quite entertaining.

That’s true:suicide: But it’s just stupid to see over 5 posts a day complaining that your banned:suicide:

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We say that in England:v:

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I see this has escalated quick:v: Sorry for creating this post;)

  1. If they’re dumb enough to get banned, dumb enough to ask, “dis say facepunch cheat vac ban, what is mean?” and dumb enough to claim, “wat dis crap? I no cheat. I not even play Rust for 2 week!” then they’re not gonna be smart enough to not cry about it on the Rust forums, Steam forums and the website where they got their cheats from and they’re definitely not going to read this thread first and say, “Oh, alright then.”

  2. Sometimes, they actually provide a great deal of amusement.

Once you see people with 1000 posts in total bitching :suicide:

imagine if I came in and did a vac banned rust kiddie

that’d be a sign that the mods are slacking :v:

I’m just gunna leave this here…

I do not think this shows anything. There may be another ‘Vatiox’ as I took this name from my friend.

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I’m not that stupid to use the same name on a hacking site:)

Vatiox on google shows a shitload of results so

Haha that’s hilarious if that’s him.

His youtube name is “TriXter”. Here’s “TriXteR” on MPGH. Similar capitalization. Here on another cheat site. Also, here’s a report of someone cheating in BFBC2 under the name “vSledger”, which you can see is Vatiox’s xbox profile name.

Maybe it’s just other people though :wink:

Like I said, I am not stupid enough to use the same username on a hacking site

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Draxus, ‘TriXteR’ on MPGH last activity was 2010. I got a BFBC2 Admin ban on a server. And if you actually have a look, if you got on my friendlists on XBox ‘vSledger’ you will see that I have a friend called TriXter, and that’s where I took the name for YouTube:)

Really? I… I don’t believe you.

If I had a proper ban on BF2BC it would of been a VAC ban, and in that case it’s only a admin ban.

Alright…I was willing to let it go that there might be some OTHER Vatiox, right until you claimed that you “took this name from my friend.” Why would take a name from a “friend”?

Not only is there a Vatiox with user accounts on MPGH, FPSCheats, various other cheat sites including VirtualAdvantage where this Vatiox (who is also from the UK, what a coincidence!) gives a glowing review of their Rust cheat: (this user is also a forum moderator for Virtual Advantage, thanks to a couple people who pointed that out as well)

He (Vatiox) also posts on VirtualAdvantage that he needs someone to make a youtube intro for his account Pandatastic1 on Youtube that he uses for DayZ, BF4 and Rust. Hmmmm…that’s a coincidence too. Those are all games you play! And Pandatastic1 is on your friends/subscribed list.

Here’s one of Pandatastic1’s videos:

Here’s a video from your brand new Trixter account:

Where you say:
“Hey guys, what’s up? This Trixter here and I just want to say this is my new, fresh account. If you don’t already know my old account was Pandatastic1 here.”

Edit: He has removed the video now that it’s been brought to his attention he outed himself as a hacker. Don’t worry, I saved a copy (from both accounts). Lol.

We know it’s your youtube account because you posted this:

Also, you and Pandatastic1 both have the exact same voice.

You’ve been caught friend…and you outed yourself. Looking forward to your explanation for that and possible panicked removal of some videos from youtube.

ITT: Hacker complains about hackers complaining.

Grasping at straws now :v:

Holy shit, he got wrecked… Please reply Vatiox…

Sketchy, to say the least…
Someone beat me to it with some awesome internet detective-ness, but here’s this, too. lol You have way too many accounts, you’re making this a challenge for us :slight_smile:

Wow… honestly I wasn’t totally convinced he cheated in any game from what I’d found, much less Rust specifically, but that pretty much seals it.

Oooh and one more thing that got covered up in the last screenshot…

This could be a game all on it’s own! lol

Haven’t seen so much pwnage in a bit.