stop crying about ladder

There are ways to build a base without people being able to put laders on your house

I wil only give on exemple because the three other ones i don’t want people to spam it Or just use it.

cave base with door spamming/armored

Now you guys that call yourself ‘pro rust builders’ if you cannot even find a way to counter ladders then you clearly don’t know how to build and use the map to defend yourself

perfect example

Any that a couple of C4 won’t fix?

So your solution for people bitching is to advise them to build a type of base that people bitch about 24/7? I see some flawed logic right there. The games in Alpha and Garry made it so people could play and he has said a number of times he wants there feedback so don’t flame people for giving it.

Nope if you’re a good builder you can put 10 doors easily with traps

There are only a x amount of caves that spawn in the game. So … you find a home for those hundreds of players? The server i play on has now 200+ sleepers and 30 a 40 active players.

There are like 4 deep cave’s on the server and a few more smaller water caves. That is it.

And mr know it all, nobody is saying that there are not way to make it harder for ladders but its AGAIN a freaking massive resource and time wast to try and block something that costs the attackers almost nothing! And half the potential ways to block ladders open you up for different attacks.

But do not worry, we get wooden spikes in the ground for defense against rockets, ladders etc, that can ONLY be placed on the ground.

To be honest I wouldn’t bother with doors. I’ve found getting on the roof & burrowing down in better - if you can get on the roof. C4 placed at the intersection of 4 panels will blow 4 roof panels and any walls/doorways under them out in one go & get you down into the base pretty quick & bypass any doors.

we are talking about rock you cant get on the roof dunno how you build them but yeah

As others have said there are a very limited number of caves for that type of base and they can be easily raided anyway by traditional means.

What “solution” do you have for the 99% of other bases?

I say: stop crying about people crying about…

so stop opening topics that begin with: stop crying about…

He’s a bit slow in the head tbh…

Maybe I’m missing something, but if you want to stop people using ladders on your base why not just put overhanging ceiling tiles around the first or second floor of the house? Or every other floor if you want to add extra security against rockets etc. Tbh if I build a tower 6 levels high, and someone wants to spend 10+ rockets to clear a way up the building for ladders then that’s fair enough lol, then after all that the loot room can be on floor 3.

10+ rockets is nothing. People will spend a lot more than that & spending more on the raid than what they get out of it will not stop them. After all what else are we going to do with all the C4 & rockets we’ve crafted?

Think this depend on the server you play on. I am on a low pop server and people are not going to wasted time raiding a base that they will get nothing out of for the cost of items. I find one of the biggest mistake people make is trying to make the base to big to fast with out maxing out the armor of the base. Like many other have posted if you think out your base floor plan you can make a lot harder for most raiders however, NO BASE IN RUST is 100% safe. All you need is people and time and any base can be taken down. The only way for you not to get raided is to have a small army on 24x7 which isn’t going to happen. just my 2 cents

After 2000 hours of rust for me the ladders is a game changing item that the developers have added too the game. I really dont understand why. Because every base can be raided. Oke you have to work/craft for it, but hey thats is what the game is about, right? Crafting items to raid other buildings and figure out how to do it.

The negative thing about the ladders is, that the developers are forcing you too build in a certain way now to prevent people too ladder your building, its like blocking the creativity too build because you always have to make sure people wont ladder you. Its like a few updates ago when people could raid buildings with multi signs attached to each other on their skybridges. People made a huge amount of cupboard in the air to prevent it and it worked, but you could see the new trend how buildings were build.

I think its a good idea that the developers should take a look on hardcore servers like: and not only on their own servers were people ‘maybe’ have a little less experience with this game and are complaining much more then on the other servers. I can understand that listening too those groups are influencing the developers way of thinking.

Seriously i think that rockets, c4 and making skybridges is more then enough for rust on the moment, and if you guys should add ladders, make sure that they need cupboard acces first or just remove the ladders. A lot of servers are being emptied right now because of the ladders.

Sorry for my english, im dutch.

I could not disagree with your more S1n1x. A properly built base was extremely difficult to raid because you had to come from the top down due to the cupboard. Built properly, with no way to get from the ground floor up, it made it very difficult. And it wasn’t even hard to build it properly, most people figured it out very quickly.

Now the same thing may happen with ladders, but at least we will have a learning curve to deal with both on the outside and inside of the building.

Ladders and rockets have been the best additions to rust in quite awhile, and I applaud the devs for their ingenuity in both of these.

The cupboard has posed a very unique anti-raiding issue, and the devs are chipping away at it.

Very nice to see in my opinion.

You dont have to get up from the first floor. just blow their cupboard(s) out and skybridges your way in. Its useless to try it from the first floor. In order to get in, you need to figure out where the cupboards are, demolish them and get in with a skybridge. Just think in reverse way if you are raiding a building. And since the signs you can add a huge sign to your skybridges floorboards now ( 2 floorboards 1 huge sign ) and you will get much closer to the building. )

And lets be fair, not every building should be raideble. If you made a good design its your privilege to enjoy the building.

Has anyone seen a good ladder resistant design yet? I don’t just mean overhangs or large honeycombs.

I think the ladders are awesome.

Cupboards were introduced to stop people griefing by using not much materials to lock someone inside their base. They have managed to do this, and it has stopped the “door blocking” problem you have had since legacy. Only way you grief someone’s door now is if you raid them and get in, which is fair.

But being able in legacy to build up to anywhere on the building, then start the raid from there - where you think the loot is - was awesome! I’ve had it happen to me a few times and it makes you rethink where and how you build. Ladders have brought this back, and cupboards have removed door griefing. It’s the best of both worlds in my eyes. I know cupboards were always meant to be temporary, and even though I find them really useful defensively, they have always felt too overpowered. This just turns them into door blockers essentially, which is what they were always meant to be.
I hope cupboards and ladders stay because I think together they make a really good team. It’s one piece of emergent gameplay I hope sticks.

well make floors unable to be destroyed, same for posts, then ladders can be used for wall entry like they suppose to. what exactly is the point in a building game if you are forced to build a certain way? what is also the point of building anything internally, if someone can climb up to your roof, regardless how high and just go through ceilings… floor and posts of a building should be the strongest part.