Stop leaving items in crates.

Whenever I come across a crate and take a look inside I usually find a can of tuna or an empty can of beans. This has to stop.

When you are done looting a crate drop all the extra loot on the ground and let it de-spawn

Why would anyone do that? You’re the competition. They can leave you a chance at something nice, or a can of tuna. I’d prefer my competition had tuna.

Yes I totally agree with you, it’s just really annoying to find a can of tuna in almost every crate.

I will leave only empty cans if I could. Not only that but also I will drain all the sulfur and leave you only stone. See, I will make your life the most uncomfortable as possible. This is Rust, get what you can when you can get it and let the rest maul each other over the crumbs.

Cool story.

My friends usually replace loot with bones, camp fires, broken tools, or empty cans.

Annoying if you are a new player, but it’s part of the game.

I see this excuse being used many times for somebody’s cancerous behaviour. This is Rust correct which is a survival game, even though this is a survival game you dont need to make people’s life a living hell that’s just pathetic and a bit childish.

Your “real” life is about survivaling aswell but I hope you dont make your neighbours life a living hell…

Lol. But it is annoying when you search a whole town to only come across 1 bone and a stick.

I assume you do not raid

Well, atleast you can smelt a empty can of tuna into a couple metalfragments.

I do raid yeah, but normally i’ll just take the goodies, if the guy is a roofcamper/cunt i’ll grief him for being a shit human being… What does placing shit in boxes have to do with raiding though…

Woah i never knew! Thanks.

It means your comments are hypocritical

This strategy doesn’t work too well if you just hang around the rad town for more than 20 seconds. Loot all the boxes ASAP, and then you can either patrol the rad town to get boxes as they spawn, or just go hide for a couple minutes before you do a sweep. I’ve never really had any issues with finding empty cans etc in all the loot barrels.

And a REAL rust player would camp the rad town where this keeps happening and wait for the asshole trolling up the boxes to show his face. Kill him, find out his name, bribe someone in chat to show you where he lives, and destroy his entire base. Thus is the way of rust.


Theres empty can of beans! all i need is to be a Sneaky Snake and hope i dont fart ! Nice i can make a Snake in a can! Gag ! Next Tier !!


well if you leave things in barrels they dont spawn for you or them

I just grief everyone i raid there are no good people in rust

Well you doing that is contributing to the bad people on rust.

This may or may not be the result of other players not taking everything. I found a box yesterday with “a” (as in 1) bone in it and it was a fresh spawned box.