Stop light from going through walls please

So, the hardest thing in the beginning for a loner is getting a metal door - Why? Simple - Light goes through walls.
Getting to the furnace and 1x1 house stage takes a bit of time, but is no biggie. The problem is that once you place a campfire or a furnace in your home and smelt ore to begin making a metal door to protect yourself, the light from the furnace/campfire reaches through the cabin, which is bound to bring bandits with M4s and kevlar killing you.
This past week I’ve died at that stage about ten times, and it’s beginning to get frustrating.
Can’t you make something like a more expensive wooden wall that doesn’t cost blueprints that allows you to make wooden walls that you can’t see through?

Only do it during the day. The only thing they should fix is have the fire render after the house does because right now you can see the fire before the house renders.

Also when someone starts to break your wooden door just take all your stuff and logout? Lol.

Exactly avincent. I’ve noticed the rendering issue yesterday as well.
And I do think the light should be coming out the wooden walls, from a basic shack, definetely! It’s one of the most realistic features in the game and forces you to either have 2-3 walls and do not do anything during the night.

I don’t have a problem with being able to see light through walls at night, but at day it’s plain annoying.

And there’s a limit to how much the inventory can hold - And the previous five times where I DID do that, they got pissed off and blocked my door, be it with a metal door of their own, a ramp or something else, they always forced me to suicide.

And sometimes they use C4, so I don’t have enough time to gather all the important stuff.

From a shack sure, but it was a legitimate house, it had a foundation, four pillars, four walls, a door and a ceiling.

If you’re in a hut you can destroy it relatively fast if you get trapped in… Never build a 1x1 with a wood door.

It was only temporary so that I could smelt enough for a metal door, which kept causing bandits to come over and C4 my doors

Light going through walls is likely a feature of alpha – which is to say, the work needed to properly block light from transmitting through some solid objects is not high priority enough to care about yet.

I can’t agree with this. I know it’s a kind of crappy thing to be seen, and all. But it’s always a great way to know where to stay away from, as well.

To be honest… The wooden walls are not solid. Light can pass through the cracks still.

I never use any fire in my house at night and it really helps keep me safe. Also, every time there is a server wipe I usually don’t settle down and build anything till I have most of the prints I need researched. The frequent killing and re-spawning really helps get you aware of how the island is laid out so and as a result I rarely get lost. Another thing you can do it line the inside of your walls with barricades. This wont help with the rendering of fires sometimes showing through doors and walls, but if someone is trying to peek through and see or shoot you they cant.

People always say don’t cook anything at night. When I cook during the day someone usually either sees it or hears it while walking by, then I have a problem. However at night, it may be easier to see, but much less people move around in the dark and I have actually never had a problem cooking something off at night (as long as I’m indoors, a outdoor campfire has screwed me at night though.)

In certain house builds we incorporate a ‘light room’. People might still be able to hear the fire, but they will not be able to see it, with the exception of the fire rendering before the walls do. And usually by the time they could have heard it, you hear them and can douse it before they have time to stop and really listen.

That’s interesting, I’ve always had the opposite experience. Personally I’ve found that even though most people are out during the day, they are busy harvesting or heading to a rad zone. In the areas I have settled it seems like the people who come out at nights are the ones looking for trouble or raiding and not having a fire has in my mind, saved me from a lot of that. Different strats though I guess.

Nobody seems to have touched on this, so let me explain some things.
In order to not have light go through walls, given the level of consumer hardware the only viable solution is shadowmaps. This requires AFAIK medium to high graphics settings in Rust. If you disable shadows, you can see light through walls. There’s no way around it, and there’s no use complaining about it because even the smartest game developer on planet earth cannot solve it - you need shadows enabled, period.

I know, that’s exactly the problem - I cook and smelt ONLY at daytime, at the brightest time at the day, yet the light still attracts people.

A fire producing more light than sunlight makes no sense, sorry Garry… -_-

Well then, he should make shadows enabled by default - If I’m the only one around who can’t see through walls, there’s no point.