Stop-motion animation on GMod?

I was watching a incredible movie called “Nightmare Before Christmas” and wondered if it would be possible to do the same as the movie did in GMod - that is called stop motion animation. It would take a whole lot of time, but it would be worth it. What do you guys think?

My aim when watching the movie was to recreate this scene:

And this was done in 1993. Amazing, huh?
What do you guys think?

Of course it’s possible in Gmod

You just need fuck tons of time and talent.

Possible, and using a camera it would not take much time, but theres always the press r instead of w and make everything unfreeze, fucking everything up thing.

Pretty much.
For example:

Holy shit that’s good.

Hm, Use Render Cameras instead of your Camera(Phone)?

You could bind 2 keys to cl_timescale or whatever the command is to stop time…but that would include you.

Easy as shit, but to make it good is not easy and takes a fuck load of time. Also Non-stop-motion was used in the flim industery atleast a 80 something years ago.

to do slowmo type in cons phys_timescale 1

Zim… do you have this idea for the walt garrys mod project…

Because im sure the disney logo is at the start

No. It has the Disney logo because the movie was released under Touchstone Pictures, but since it doesn’t exists anymore, these movies are now under the Disney logo.

I will try to do it.

I was making a recreation of this White Stripes tune once.

I got to about 25 seconds where they go down the stairs and gave up :frowning:

I wonder how many drumset clones they needed…