Stop Motion Lighting Change?

I notice this in almost every Garry’s Mod stop motion video, including my own. When I try to make a stop motion scene, the lighting of each shot is usually different from the rest, and when the whole video is done, it is very noticeable. I believe this has to do with where the player is looking when the shot is taken from a camera. My question is; is there any way to disable this lighting change? It would be very useful in making stop motion videos.

Edit - I believe I heard about this effect in a commentary in HL2 : Lost Coast. It is something like how when you go outside, it takes your eyes a second to fully adjust to the brightness. I cannot remember the name of it, but I believe that is the effect I need disabled.

Edit Again - I now remember the name of the effect; I think it may be Bloom. The question that remains is; how do I disable it?

Edit Once More - I found that HDR was set to “Full” in the options menu, so I set it to “None”. Perhaps now my problem will be fixed. I will test it later.