"Stop moving!" Soldier tries to cut white phosphorus from another's face.


I hope the slice looks convincing.


He’s doing a shitty job.

Actually looks like the knife is slicing, knife job. :v:

holy crap, that looks painful!
Great work

I’d rather die in that situation

Really amazing concept. Great posing.

Yaiks. I winched. Nice work.

Serves his ass for not wearing a goddamn helmet :v:

But yeah, totally agree with Chesty.

Are the phosphorus chunks convincing? The smoke better be 3d-ish.


I was thinking of adding another helmet to the side but I’m too lazy to make a crack.

Does SDoF work with moving smoke emitters in the background?

he’s cutting around the meat…

Fuck, I winced

Great concept, awesome posing


i don’t like the phong, but that’s hardly your doing; solid work.

Willy peter runin’ yo’ day since nam bitches.

yeah i’ve been wanting to release my blacklight models with super improved textures but SOMEONE (egevened) is the only one with it now and he won’t fuckin give it back

Did you get the idea from We Were Soldiers?

That’s really damn good.

You cut deeper to meet the phosphorus, otherwise it may burn through further.

hahahah well done, how did that happen

phosphorous burns until it runs out of oxygen. the only way to put it out is to starve it of such, or remove whatever it’s about to burn through next. the moment it is exposed to oxygen again, it ignites again. it’s horrible stuff, but it has a lot of uses - tracers, artillery marking, smoke shells. it’s great for apers work too, if you’re a total cunt.

Never truly understood white phos’ grenades but I do know its quite the hazardous element.

Looks great Caboose, woulda made a bit longer comment but Fort’s avatar keeps distracting me and I forgot what I was gonna say.

funny story bro

finally spent about two grand upgrading my computer (INITIALLY I meant to spend under one grand but it just kinda happened. you know – fuck it – just go all-out. i’m not a poor, jobless student like most of the losers here) and just as i did my old one puked out

just been too lazy to install the old hard drives haha

Sounds fucking painful, good job!