"Stop now that you can...."

They had to think it twice…


You put the Dof in the wrong area and you also used the wrong one.

What did they do? Also the metro cop looks really stiff and the other arm looks bad just hanging down. Also don’t use simple DoF, Super DoF is much better…if used right. Also spend more time on posing. Nobody will like a pose made in five minutes (not saying you did.) but people will love nice poses. Edited and perfected with care. Also lurk in this forum, Don’t just throw together a pose and post it. See what other people do.

Thanks i also think that was a bad camera angle (yeah it sucks) but sadly lags as hell when i put the super dof, i will try to make better poses but i suck :frown: hope they get better… thanks for the tips!

Awkward posing…

It’s supposed to lag when you turn on Super DoF.

The thing is, you can’t see lag in a picture.

thanks i have tried to use it in a simple pic i took and it works well!!!