Stop! Ok. Stop.

The amount of people begging for keys is terrible!

You want a key? Learn how to draw! Enter a YouTuber’s giveaway!

You won’t get a key by making countless threads about how you’d make a good tester or that you simply ‘need one’. Be patient! The time will come when you have a chance to play and that time isn’t right now. Let them develop the game and find bugs in peace. I don’t have a key but I’m not going to sulk about it.

Your time shall come. Wait for it.

Phew! Glad I got that out.

Screw key beggars

It annoys me so much.

its jsut spams the forums. But good thing they get banned :stuck_out_tongue:

And people who make threads to tell them to shut up are just as, if not more annoying.