Stop players from seeing whos online?

So i run my own server, i want to find a way to make it impossible for people to be able to see who is online on the server. I have rust++ installed and i have /players set to false. But recently i found that if you shift tab and click view players it will tell you who is on the server. This lets people wait for someone to logoff in order to raid them. Or lets them know that they are online and its a bad time to raid them. I really want a way to turn this off. If anyone knows a way that i can do this please let me know and i would appreciate it greatly.

It seems you would have to find a way to prevent your server from relaying to steam who is playing on it. I don’t know if this is possible, but it’s easy enough to figure out whether someone is home or not without using the player list. Preventing the player list wouldn’t achieve what you are hoping.

How do you even see the playerlist in the first place? Never knew one existed.

Hit Shift + Tab while in game. Then in the Friends Window of the Steam Overlay, there is a box for ‘Show All Players’. Click that box and a window will pop up showing you a list of all players currently logged into your server. When there is no one else playing, it will state something to the effect of the server isn’t telling steam that anyone else is playing on it. You won’t show up on the list yourself, so if the list is empty this is normal.

yeah its easy to know who to raid if you play on a server for awhile

and basically raid when people go to sleep or arent online

If you log out from your friends list on Steam, you will not show up in the list.

So you’re suggesting OP tell everyone on their server to log out of Steam Community?
I’m not sure that’s quite as effective a solution as he intends to find.