Stop Refresh Servers Button Please For The Love Of God

Please add a button that stops populating the server list.

Right now if you spot a server you want to join you have to either click on it very quickly or wait for all the other servers to populate before finding it again since it moves around on the list so much. Adding a button to stop this refresh or making the current “Refresh All” button change into a “Stop Refresh” while populating servers might solve this annoying problem. Most of the time when I see the server I want to join I try to click on it and end up clicking on something else since the servers move around the browser so quickly. Being able to stop the refresh manually would fix this. Please look at steams server browser as an example.

We already have that.

Where? I can only click to refresh the list, no option to stop it.

Bump, getting pretty annoying having to comb through all these fucking russian servers and EU servers since I can’t stop refreshing when I see my server instantly pop up.

You do know that the servers you play on will appear under the favourites tab, right?

Then you don’t need to look through all “these fucking russian servers and EU servers” as there will only be the ones you play on there…

I wan’t looking for one I played on. I was looking at servers with low ping and high player count and they all load within like 2 seconds of refreshing. All the servers I would join load right away and I would like to pause it right then… Too bad after 2 seconds about 1000 EU servers hide all the low ping servers and you have to search.

You can also click on the “ping” tab to sort from highest to lowest. :slight_smile:

Wrong, at least for me favorites do not appear at all, history also only shows half of the servers i play.

You have to click the star icon next to the server in order to favorite it. Otherwise, unless you connected through the console, it’s in the history.

Yes but that does not solve the problem. Doing that only shows me thousands of empty servers with low ping. The servers I want to play on have low ping and high pop all load in seconds after refreshing, followed by a storm of EU servers to “clog” my list.

This would also be nice for older routers that suffer from ping overflow that the server list can create. People had similar issues with the steam server browser before they added the ping limit option, but Rust will still occasionally break my router’s butt.

That’s Gmod… You’re in the wrong forum.

I’ve tried it with lots of different servers with nothing appearing, history still only shows half of my previously played, even the server i connect to the most doesn’t appear.

I thought it was a global issue but guess it’s just me, I cba attempting a reinstall for it though I’ll just continue to connect via ip

eta I only started connecting via ip recently.
eta+ It’s working now… it has been a couple of weeks since I attempted to fave so guess it’s been fixed somewhere along the line. Favorites that is, history is still bugged.
eta++ no longer in favorites… lol is in history though >.<

Oh fuck me you’re right, sorry.