"Stop, Rewind" - A sci-fi crime machinima

Stop, Rewind is the latest machinima from Amorphous Blob Productions, an award-winning machinima production group. The story follows Howard Grant, a convicted murderer who’s given a second chance when he’s recruited as a test subject for an experimental machine.

The movie stars Moviestorm machinimator Jorge Campos and professional actor Joe Thomas and features an original score by Tommy Kraft.

You can watch the movie HERE. Be sure to watch it in HD!

We hope you enjoy the film.

If you’d like to help ABP with future machinima, please contact us at http://www.amorphousblob.org. In particular, we are in need of skinners and faceposers.


Amazing work, brilliant story and all around exuberant machinima.

The story was excellent, my only concern with it is the lack of faceposing, but it was otherwise amazing

Best machinima in a LONG time. Great work.

Great story and well edited!

lets just post it here as well…

I liked it.


also when is clockwise going to be released?

Great movie, I really enjoyed watching it.

One question: How do I manage to let NPCs look at each other?
I could really use this advioce for my movie.

Via Face Actor in Faceposer?
Edit: Yes, I figured that out.

I liked the story. Well done.

So it’s like an endless cycle. If one doesn’t kill, the other will.

Just amazing. Great story/concept and extremely well done. I have not seen a dramatic machinima done so well since A Day in Time, which coincidentally also has to do with time.

What are you doing grants? You’re gonna create a time paradox!

This post makes me cry of happiness

but come on now, our machinima wasn’t THAT good…this machinima is fucking brilliant, It has a certain style and adheres to a ton of filming rules, some which I don’t even know about yet.

This is incredible! You understand everything at the ending…!
Need to watch it twice

Thanks for the comments everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed the film.

@ScoutKing: Clockwise Part 1 is still in the sound design phase. It will probably be out in about 3-weeks to a month.

that was very, VERY beautiful. i haven’t watched anything that good in a very long time. it’s simply amazing, it’s an understatement to call it “good”. 10/10.

This movie was a lot of fun to work on, I’m glad everyone enjoys our hard work. :smiley:

Amazing, you guys really put effort on it, the plot was great, effects. Next time you could try improve face posing a bit, which would add the small detail to it and the overall result would be near perfect.

All I did was Puppeteer in this one, but It’s good to know that ABP has a following on Facepunch!

That was creepy. Very nice work.