Stop spamming the forums about bad fps

I cannot look on the rust forums without seeing posts titled “help bad fps” or stuff like that. The devs have told us that the game is in early access and you should expect low fps. I have a shitty little laptop that my parents bought me to help me study, I get 10 fps and i don’t complain about it all over the forums.


If you have low FPS just lower the games resolution and settings.

Stop complaining about people complaining. The game is in development, its common sense there will be a lot of reports about crashes and low performance.

Yup. We all know (or should) that Rust is early access and will have issues. While we all wish performance was better, it isn’t. That’s just the way things stand at this point in time. It will improve down the road, but for now, we need to deal with low fps. Procgen7 was a real killer for me, lowering my frame rate from 60+ to 25-35 fps. It sucks, but that’s just the way it is. Hopefully they’ll work on performance in the near future.

And I consider myself fortunate to get that 30 fps where the game is playable, seeing that many people get 20 or less.

You stop complaining about people complaining about people complaining!!

I don’t see a problem. Hopefully the devs look at these forums and use our feedback to help guide development, if there is a consistent complaint, then it’s obviously an issue.

You won’t complain if you have a £200 internet browsing laptop with 10fps, but when a £5000+ gaming PC can’t achieve 40fps, people can be forgiven for getting frustrated.

Btw, I think the devs are doing an awesome job - keep it up chaps!

It isn’t that 30fps is a bad fps, because it really isn’t.
It’s that people with monster computers are getting 30fps.



Do you have nothing better to do than make threads about people complaining about FPS? Wasn’t adding useless comments to those threads enough?

Actually if you had any sense whatsoever you would know that you don’t need 60 fps, there is barely a difference between 30 fps and 60 fps

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I’m not doubting as I said previously you really don’t need more than 30 fps and i’m not doubting that the devs are doing an awsome job i’m just saying if you have bad fps don’t spam the forums with posts about it.

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I have enough common sense to do that.

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No I just want to be able to read the rust forums without seeing a billion posts about low fps.

Okay let’s just stop right here.

You stop complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining!!

But seriously 10-15 fps…

All this complaining is lowering my FPS!

Grab the pitchforks.

It’s very very obvious to see that you are wrong.

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Great account name.

In relation to the OP. There will always be people complaining about the FPS. I don’t think you should post a new thread to make people stop because 90% of the time those users who post the thread complaining won’t even look at any other thread.

I clicked the link and I can’t see any differance

If we won’t complain, shit would never be fixed or improved. It’s called a mawduckin feedback.

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