Raw Image.

This is great. Nice snow effects

This is absolutely fantastic!

I like it all but the lights. Could use some toning down.

This is pretty good. I love the snow but I don’t like the lights.

Thanks. But what is exactly wrong with the lights?

Holy fucking shit!
I was expecting something shitty when I saw the title, but this is awesome
Nice editing, good angle. It really catches your eye, arty’d.

I’m not sure. I guess I’m just not a fan of the shape of the filter. I think it would look cooler with a more natural glow. Just my opinion though.


the only thing - snowflakes on spy’s face look …wrong.

Engi lays out spike strips. Heavy is in a T-72.

Fucking awesome.

Fucking awesome x1

really cool and really funny

reminds me of a chase scene from a Bond film

very cool

Finally, BLU team owns the RED team for once.

I love it, rated you panel.
Where’d you get the vehicles?

Nice posing, but what REALLY makes this image great is the editing. I love what you’ve done with it, especially darkening it slightly and adding snow effects. IMO, the lighting looks great.

pretty damn amazing.

How are you supposed to talk, when your spine is broken…?
Nice picture, anyway :smiley: